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    I’m not saying take my advice but this is my story,

    Well i would have to say i made it aprox 6 months on the candida diet before i started to question myself whether the candida diet was the right path for my body, i got increasingly sicker and tired like never before,i always had a soft stool, i lost my muscle tone, couldn’t work & even lost my job mid way through, i wasn’t feeling better, the candida diet made me feel worse and i kept blaming the candida for it all. I believed so intently on no sugar, no fruit and all the other no,no,nos.

    I didn’t care how sick i was getting i must be on the right path, something that made me feel this crappy surly would give me a HUGE reward! i kept telling myself and others
    I became a regular reader of this forum….

    I went out one night about 3 weeks ago and saw this girl dancing, doing amazing energetic moves the way i used to be before the ‘candida diet’ so i jumped up and tried to bust out my regular dance tricks, but i couldn’t keep up, i was a granny at 24 i had lost my happiness and my ability to express myself though dance, i was changing, i was’sick’ girl. Before i had just had thrush, now i had thrush and i was the “sick” girl and this made me depressed.

    Then one night i had pumpkin soup and i felt amazing its as if every part of me was smiling on the inside, it felt right and i tried a couple of more times, and then carrot,low sugar berries i started having energy thinking clearly,started to pass nice sold stools, exercising every day getting on with life and dancing again.

    I say listen to the body and balance seems to work with life so why not the gut? Long term deprivation is not balance don’t fool yourself.

    Now its not all doom and gloom for the candida diets roll in my life.
    During the candida diet i did get rid of my face pimples & my other skin condition. But maybe, just maybe this was because of cutting out gluten or dairy or even cutting out refined sugar and less to do with the candida diet in whole.

    I cured wasn’t before i started, or after i finished, BUT i feel so much better now.I am introducing foods back slowly though just so i can find anything that might irritate me, because its obvious something was & is.

    I will get better with balance, this is my new theory.
    I’m also eating smaller meals though out the day so my digestive system isn’t over loaded.
    I will have a sugar diet, but no refined stuff and i’m not going to overdo it on the fruit. Slowly and respectfully wins the race.

    Learning form this journey, not the destination.
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    Vegan Catlady
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    A total fan of this attitude.

    I hate to admit it, but I am a fruit-freak. If I have to live without fruits, I dont wanna live.
    Carbohydrates/sugar feeds the brain. It gives us energy. Depression lifts.

    Im glad you posted, this gives me hope.

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