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    So, I have a question. I have been feeling a little nausea again lately, might be partly because I am trying to kill some candida, so I am going to lay back for awhile until I consult the nd again, focus on mood, liver support, pH balance.

    For some reason, I do not like taking just a general ginger capsule from the store; however, last year, before I started on my candida journey, I did take this supplement to help with my gastroparesis, and I know my health store has it on sale right now.

    I knew it helped a lot, but I am worried about the ingredients in the supplement, but it is such a high quality ginger supplement that doesn’t overpower me with ginger when I take it with a meal. It is from New Chapter. would such the small amount of ingredients be okay that it wouldn’t hurt me in a negative way for candida? maltodextrin, yellow beeswax, carob? If it helps me feel good to my tummy and helps with nausea, I can’t see the downside on it though.

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