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    Has anyone had luck with using probiotics as a nasal rinse or sniffing them into the sinus cavity. I am starting this after no luck with any other thing. I’ve tried it all.

    My symptoms persist: itchy wet flaky ears, ringing in ears, sinus pressure/drainage/burning.

    I’ve tried powdered Nystatin in my nose, sea salt, and a xylitol/olive leaf spray. No help.

    Today was the first day I sniffed a probiotic….I will update if anything changes.


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    Hi there,
    I was at my witts end with sinus pain and yeast infected sinuses, migraines and sinus pain. I do a couple things that work really really well.

    The best results I get from snorting probiotics mixed with a little garlic powder.

    Another way I clear my sinus infections is to add liquid garlic and probiotics to my nasal rinse. Works great as well.

    I also have rinsed my nose out with H2O2 in the rinse (food grade hydrogen peroxide 29%..only one drop). Works amazing. I also drink a solution of this during my systemic detox to help kill of the yeast and other viruses.

    Of course the best way to rid it is once you have been on the diet long enough to get your body back in order. Then the sinus infections will no longer be a problem. But in the meanwhile I have successfully used the above mentioned.

    Hope this helps and good luck!
    : D


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    I’ve had good luck from putting 2 drops of GSE in the netti pot. That will help sinuses, I still have the itching in my ears.


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    For four years now I have had a sinus infection every two to three months. 96% of sinus infections are fungal related and antibiotics won’t do shit but kill us. Wish I knew that years ago. I’ve been on so many strong drugs it makes me wish I can sue my ent. Anyway what is helping me is olive leaf extract in the netti pot twice a day. I have a sinus infection right now as usual. Ugh. Good luck


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    i just ordered some gse olive nasal spray and olive oil extract throat spray. ive been useing the xylitol nasal spray but need something stronger, my tongue is finally white from nowfoods xyliwhite products it has oils and caprylic acid! What kind or strains of probiotics would you use in the nose? how about yogurt, yogurt gives me a sore throat if i dont drink or eat afterwards. Also there are oral probiotics made for the ear nose and throat google oral probiotics.


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    SF722 prevents candida from attaching to your mucousal membranes, so I would try this out in a few weeks when it is available.


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