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    22 yr old male here. For the past 9 or so months, I’ve been dealing with a range of problems that no one has been able to diagnose. EVERY test I’ve had run shows up normal. Most say I’m crazy and to see a therapist but I know I’m not. I did an epsom salt bath around a month ago and the next day, I had chills and a lower body temperature that lasted for three weeks. I initially thought lyme since that’s very hard to diagnose. I was given a round of antibiotics to try a week before seeing an acupuncturist.

    Since seeing the acupuncturist, she believes I have a systemic fungal infection. She’s been the first person to truly understand what I’m going through, having dealt with fungal/viral/bacterial problems herself without getting a clear diagnosis. She spent way more time with me than scheduled and was very nice to talk to. Having talked about how I could’ve gotten it, she said it was when my immune system was compromised with the stomach flu back in May (first really noticeable symptoms happened in August). Also mentioned it was concentrated in my lymph system around my ear, which ironically enough was the first thing that bothered me way back when. I was VERY stressed out around this time having just graduated. My diet also wasn’t conducive to eliminating fungus given I mainly eat dairy, beer, carbs, sugars, or meat.

    She has me on natural antifungals (Systemic Formulas FungDX), lymph drainage formula, and another formula to mix with water to help the detox process. I’m also adding oregano oil, Raw Formula Probiotics I believe, liver chi, some Vitamin C, and Swiss Kriss bowel movement. I cut out all sugars and carbs which is very hard. I’m only a week into this and am losing my mind with the limited food choices. Since going on the diet and antifungals, I’ve noticed some odd whitish-yellow spots in my poop/diarrhea. Is that normal?

    I did the spit test and some white looking stuff floated to the bottom. My legs, mainly thighs, are especially aching since starting this. Just running errands for an hour or 2 wipes my legs out. The whole thing is really depressing at my young age, which makes me want to jump to conclusions and think MS. Since starting the detox, I think it is possible I’m experiencing die-off since my legs ache MUCH more and am experiencing post nasal drip much more than before. I’ve also noticed some almost tan color coating around my tongue (thrush??)

    I guess my main questions are, could this in fact be a fungal infection and am I doing the right things to detox? Having bounced around so many doctors, I have no idea what to think. My visit to the acupuncturist really makes me hopeful I’m on the right track. I still worry about possible lyme.

    My symptoms (come and go, some happening rarely) throughout this have been:
    – post nasal drip
    – ear ringing
    – ears pop when swallowing
    – sound sensitivity (constant)
    – ear fullness/pressure
    – ear aches
    – occasional dull itching/burning
    – generalized muscle aches
    – muscle twitches
    – tight jaw
    – chills (detox perhaps?)
    – visual issues
    – fatigue
    – irritability
    – a range of other mental symptoms
    – inability to concentrate
    – nausea

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