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    Just curious to know if anyone has truly recovered from this horrible monster? Everything I’m reading is just about people feeling better on the diet and that’s wonderful, but I want to eat “normal” so to speak. Do people ever get off this diet and are able to eat pizza, drink coffee, and have a piece of chocolate? Thinking about eating this way the rest of my life is almost as depressing as what I’m suffering from. I know my health is more important, but come on what’s life without a few sweets?! I hope and pray that there are some of you out there that have fully recovered and will shed some light on this long painful recovery.


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    I’d really like to know if anyone has any answers to this one. Though possibly if they were high and dry, they wouldn’t be coming back onto the site.


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    t-bear, have you been on the Candida diet long? I’ve been on it a little over a month now and my cravings for junky foods are completely gone. In the beginning I lamented bitterly over things like scones and nachos, and if I would ever eat them again.

    I’ve honestly lost my desire to eat bad foods, this yeast beast has really been a blessing in disguise for me. It’s made me kick my cravings for good by going cold turkey, and in the future I plan to go gluten-free, possibly eliminate grains completely.

    But that’s not what you were asking. I’ve seen several people recover from candida, and introduce off-limit foods like fruit and beans and nuts. If they have sweets, they make them themselves using gluten-free flours and using stevia, xylitol, erythritol, fruit, or honey.

    If they want things like pizza, again I’ve seen them go for gluten-free flour and healthy, organic ingredients.

    This might not be what you want to hear, but I believe in a lifestyle change to keep the candida at bay for good. I think a piece of chocolate or a slice of pizza wouldn’t kill you — but this depends on your situation – your level of tolerance, how bad your candida is, how much you want to remain symptom free, and if you have the willpower to stop just at a few bites.

    I have seen quite of few people say that this is the second or third time they are on the candida diet, because afterward they went back to eating whatever and became infected again.


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    Although I do appreciate being healthy, and will definitely be steaming more veg, eating less sugar, and not using the microwave in future, I’m with t-bear on the side of just missing the occasional handy junk food. Some of the recipe’s look very nice, but they’re no chocolate eclair, or bottle of beer. I found some Plamil’s sugar/dairy free chocolate in a health shop for the other day, but I can’t even have that for another month or two, so I just stared at it for a while, until the shop attendant asked if she could help me.

    However, I have found out that my sister had candida 20 years ago, and cleared it up. I don’t think she was following this diet precisely (Hers involved green veg and aloe vera juice, but I think had black strap molasses, which I imagine to be very sugary…), but she lives a perfectly normal life now, pasta, wine and cake and all. So, t-bear, don’t give up hope, we can still live to be nutritionally mischievous again!


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    Fully recovery definately, i know a few members on here that are symptom free and have been for a while and am just really glad they still come on here very regulary to help others but they are still on restricted diets out of choice.

    after 3 months of doing the diet i was pretty much symptom free, then due to a really rough time at home i hit the beer for like 2 weeks and then returned to eating normal food. i was fine the first 6-8 weeks with no symptoms apart from stomach/side pain but then slowly all the others returned. I think this was down to the fact i hadnt killed the infestation off from before and didnt continue probiotics and ate normal again.

    But, i reckon that as long as you kill it all off properly and continue high strain/count probiotics and make wise choices like pina said and introduce everything as ‘test items’ then i cant see how it cant be done. But like Pina also said i dont think youll want to go back to the old way of eating. once everything is under control and has been for a while then maybe a few beers/a cake/sweets etc every once in a while is plausable, assuming you dont go back to the old ways.

    i dunno, just my guess.



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    I would like to announce that I am 98%(guesstimate, and not scientifically accurate) cured finally after 4 months of the strict diet.

    I went on vacation to hollywood last week and was unable to find healthy places to eat where we were staying (same with catalina island). I had to indulge in potatoes, corn products, a hotdog, (wheat) spaghetti, and even a few sugary items such as apple pie, etc. The worst reaction was actually to spaghetti while the others were fairly minimal. The only difference I noticed was I had a lot of gas, and I woke up rather sleepy. The foods gave me a lot of energy!

    I am now back on the diet and will put this behind me. I have a few more months of the diet before I go back to “normal” food regularly.

    I didn’t die and the candida is mostly fought off.

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