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    Hi all,
    I have previously posted about my Metametrix test. What I shared on here, which is all that my doctor told me, is that I have low good bacteria, high beta-glucuronidase, low secretory IGA, and high fecal fats. When I asked him if I had any yeast or bad bacteria he said “No.”

    Well, the full results just came in the mail and there seems to be much more to the story than he shared.

    There is a section on the test called “Gastrointestinal Microbiome.” In this section, they look to see what else you have going on aside from their basic panel. Here are my results:

    The good guys (I think):
    Lactobacillus spp: NO GROWTH = Not good!
    Escherichia coli: +4 (NP = Not Pathogenic)
    Bifidobacterium: +3 (NP = Not Pathogenic)

    Under additional Bacteria, I just got one, but it doesn’t sound good:
    Alpha haemolytic Streptococcus: +2 (NP= Not Pathogenic) – though this sounds pretty bad to me!

    Mycology (culture)
    Rhodotorula sp: +1 (NP- Non Pathogenic) – that is some weird yeast, huh? No candida came up at all

    Under the PCR section, where they give you ranges of all your bacteria, there were 4 that were labeled as H, but I think only a couple are the baddies.  However, I did have quite a few in the 5th quartile. The ones that I thought were concerning were: Prevotella spp (this was high, and I once had BV cultured as this), E Coli spp (though I’ve read that might be good?),  Roseburia spp (I think that one might be OK—I think its higher in plant based diet eaters), and Odiobacter spp(not sure about this one). Also, Colostridium spp was at the top of the range in the 5th quarterile.

    On the summary sheet in the front, it says I have no infections and no inflammation. My “diversity” of bacteria is fine.  All it lists is the beta-gluc, the high fecal fat, and the low good bacteria. It’s acting like this alpha strept and Rhodotorula sp are no biggies.

    What are your thoughts on some of these strains?  Should I try to get on an RX antifungal for the Rhodotorula? It only came back as +1 and lists it as NP. Same on the alpha Strept (+2 and NP).

    Please keep in mind I take natural antifungals, supplements, take probiotics (though am going to up the anty here), do the diet religiously for years, etc. So if this needs to be eradicated, I’m thinking drugs might be the way. Or, if it’s better to just focus on building up my good guys and healing my gut, I can just focus on that.

    Overall, I feel my yeast feels much more under control than the past- I only get YIs tied to my ovulation, and I can nip it in the bud really quickly, and my tongue has been looking a ton better.  Other than that, my only other symptoms are  low level bacterial vaginosis symptoms (has come back as prevotella), and pressure in my ears, though this has improved lately.

    I do feel a lot better in the past, but what I feel this tests shows me is that, while I feel pretty OK, my gut is a hot mess and if I try to eat a burger and drink a beer, I’ll probably be right back where I started.

    Thoughts? Thanks guys!!


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    Colostridium, isn’t C. Diff in that category? if so that is the worst one I see on the list.


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    They didn’t test for C. Diff. That is an add on. I’m pretty sure I don’t have C. Diff. I think I’d know:)  Colostridium spp is not C. Diff to my knowledge.

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