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    The sun is out and its the beginning of spring, and i feel like iv been hit by a bus. I’m trying to get some cleaning done on my car and my body is so weak i start cring, im frustrated that i can’t use my body,that i don’t have the strenght to clean it.i end up on the couch watching mindless tv, its depressing. Some days i feel really good and optimistic, but todays another day of struggle. I have a very little energy, i wonder to what degree each of the other people on this forum feel like this and it being 97days since it begun it makes me worry that i still feel sooo f*cked. I say this a bit, but i have never felt this bad before. 🙁 I its like putting life on hold, except the world hasn’t stopped spinning. I pray for better days, im feel like cring again, this is difficult.


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    Are you taking molybdenum ?
    Taking hot baths to release toxins ?

    These help & it gets better


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    No im not following Ables protocol im doing Lisas with some modifications, like making it a little more strict. I could do more hot baths as i dont sweat much.


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    If you aren’t feeling well there could be a few reasons. One is you are consuming foods that benefit the yeast such as rice, corn, carrots, beets, fruits, etc. then you will feel sluggish in general and won’t make much progress. Another part of it is you might not be eating the right foods that give you energy…think smoothies. If you were to drink a kale, broccoli, brazil nut, and prune smoothie (with other stuff) this likely would give you a lot of energy and make you feel good. Smoothies also aid in your digestion.

    The other is you may not be eating enough food. Be sure to eat big meals where you are stuffed like thanksgiving and snack between meals on things like celery.

    Additionally, you might have blood sugar problems and may need some more natural sugar. Eating some veggies, fruit, or carbs is a good way to increase your energy.

    Exercise is needed in life. A way to boost your long term energy is to do some light exercises such as walking or swimming.

    I can give more suggestions. There are supplements that increase your energy too.

    Most people on here have drained adrenals so you need plenty of rest and time for these to replenish.



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    I would also be careful on things like brazil nuts and prunes (you don’t really want to be eating nuts and fruit at this point), and too much raw food can be hard on your digestion. (I know this is directly contradicting what raster says – sorry raster, definitely don’t agree with you there!) I would also opt for eating a lot of smaller meals instead of stuffing yourself at meals. That definitely makes me feel sluggish and terrible, and exacerbates all of my candida symptoms.

    Feel free to message me if you have questions – I’ve been at this for about 9 months and I’m going through some struggles right now after a busy, crazy summer, but I was doing well until I blew myself out and tested foods too soon, LOL :p


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    I will try more smoothies and soups :). Thank you to everyone whos sharing what they know. Been pretty good the last few days, but i shall see how long the good spell lasts. A few days ago i had acupuncture and went to see a chinese medicine doc, and im hoping it will give me that boost in the right direction. Its expensive though…

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