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    Hi all please advise me on the diet’ when can i start eating low suger fruit.Have been on the diet four weeks now ‘ would like to try a apple but is it to soon.


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    I would not start eating fruit until you are basically symptom free. Green apples and berries are the items you should start out with.



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    I am 9 months into the diet. When I try berries I have oral thrush…I’m talking 3-4 berries. Don’t rush yourself. You will be set back. I have tried a 1/2 green apple once in a while and that seems to be ok. I like to cut it up and add it to my salad to change things up.

    I too wanted special treats and wanted those foods back. Really I think it was the Candida trying to trick my brain into getting sugar in the back door.

    It takes great strenght and discipline. I almost think because I get thrush right away that I have it easier to see the impact. I can tell you that I keep setting myself back trying foods when I think I’m healed or I have been on the diet long enough to be healed. No matter how bad you want it try and wait.

    I have found foods like olives, raw cauliflower, celery to help me with the snacking. If I have the food cut and ready to go it is better for me.

    Hope this helps. I know how you feel missing these foods especially when they are all in season.

    I have been cutting watermellon, cantelope for the kids daily.

    We went rasberry and blueberry picking. I froze and canned 30lbs of these yummy treats.

    Tonight I made a fresh blueberry pie…killing me. While they eat the pie with ice cream I will drink a glass of Kefir in my wine glass…lol. Try to find ways to make what you can have special.

    Feeling for you…Jackie


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    Hi thank you raster and Jackie for your advise will try to be strong and wait longer’ before i have friut again.

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