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    “Fruits are fuel for the body. If eaten properly, they are burned immediately and do not feed Candida or yeast overgrowth”
    Fruit ferments and feeds yeast, but only when it has a chance to ferment. If you fruit alone, it enters and exits the stomach in about 30 minutes, making it a low residue food and does not feed yeast. Because so many people have weak digestion, the only time your stomach is truly empty is in the morning. Fruit for breakfast is a decent option, but with nothing else. You can continue to eat just fruit until lunch if desired. Stick with just 1-3 different types of fruit at most.


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    That seems to be a widely touted theory regarding prevention of fruit fermentation: mono loading on an empty stomach.

    With that said, candida diet/treatments universally discourage fruit since the sugars feed candida.


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    Its up to you which plan to follow but a popular one is the Mcoombs plan. It promotes fruit, eating rice, and starches. Its up to you on what diet plan to follow but I’ve experimented with various ones and the best one that worked for me was the strict forum diet. Dr. Mcoombs also promotes his own health products that are very overpriced and you could be on his plan for a very long time (and giving him your money).

    Another thing to consider is how allergic are you to fruit? Do you have leaky gut? If so, you likely cannot tolerate a green apple right now or some strawberries because of the mold or sugar content.

    What fruits are best? I recommend blueberries personally because they are anti-inflammatory and have a whole bunch of health benefits. They also do not get bad easily and don’t really mold easily either…and are rather low in sugar (approx. 8g of sugar per 15 berries).

    During stage 2 I could barely tolerate fruits myself (and was horribly allergic to them) and during stage 3 I have eaten a whole bunch of fruit (and its working great). Now I can eat almost any fruits I want as long as they are fresh.

    Another thing Dr. mcoombs promotes is eating beef and pork which takes 2 or more days to digest. Chicken and fish take only hours to digest.


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