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    I love fruit and that was usually my breakfast or snack. After a while can I have fruit again?? I hear eat the low fructose ones but every website I read contradicts itself on which fruits are low. I love yogurt but have discovered I have a dairy allergy, I also have a gluten/wheat allergy. Intolerances to eggs, almonds, and peanuts. I just feel lost on what I can eat besides veggies all the time….any info will be great thanks.


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    You can start to eat fruit again but during stage 2 is best, when your body can handle your allergies again. Fruit early on in the diet can set you back and thats why we don’t recommend it. In time your allergies should improve, reduce, or go away completely.

    Buckwheat and oat bran are great food items to eat on the diet because they are prebiotics. The coconut bread on the forum is an item a lot of people eat as well. When you can start to eat meat, sausage is a great way to go.

    We developed this protocol to aid in your recovery:


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