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    A quick back story before i get into it- I began exhibiting severe candida symptoms a little over a year ago. It is possible I had a candida infection much earlier but it was not until the onslaught of major symptoms that I began seeking help. I have the fairly typical story of going to doctors who would only prescribe me antibiotics that of course did not help. I began researching on my own after experiementing with dietary changes to no avail. When, voila, this website appears and my life has honestly hanged dramatically (for the better) since.

    However, of course I wasn’t cured over night and I’m still definitely on the path to recovery. But how great does it feel to wake up and realize you resemble a semi-normal, functioning you? I’d say over 3/4 quarters of the symptoms have *poof* vanished and sticking to the regimen aids in dealing with the remaining quarter.

    The things that I utmost stand by:

    Probiotics in the Morning: After the first two weeks of the candida diet I wrongly assumed taking a probiotic was taking a probiotic. The biggest difference in my day-to-day health and well-being has been taking a probiotic (with DDS) in the morning and waiting an hour before I eat. . That last bit being the most important. In addition, taking probiotics at the appropriate time helps with digestion and the insatiable hunger feeling I’d have throughout the day.

    Raw Almonds
    : I was eating raw almonds as a snack – I felt particularly proud of this snack too because I was able to get raw almonds from the farmer’s market (along with a colorful bounty of fresh veg). However – I began noticing the itchy throat symptom and would have a more severe reaction with larger quantities. So had to nix the raw almonds. I find that in small quantities dry roasting the almonds seems to be o.k.; however, I am still not eating them on a daily level.

    Rice and Other Grains: So I know that brown rice is on the website diet – but I have to say avoiding it, I feel so much better. I was eating it as a meal staple – at least once a day and usually late at night for dinner. Perhaps this is a general health fact I should have just known – but apparently, after a bout of research on the liver and metabolism this was a big no-no. So I just don’t eat it. I’m much more careful with both the quantities and times I eat the remaining grains of: millet, quinoa, buckwheat and oat bran. If I am going to eat any of them, I’ll eat them as a lunch or breakfast option and get out the trusty 1/4 cup measuring cup that had to replace the 1/2 to 1 cup measuring cup I was using. (!!).

    Antifungals and Vitamins: Simply stick with it. I am taking GSE, Milk Thistle, Vitamin A and D, Calcium, Vitamin C. I also be sure to take it at the appropriate time after taking probiotic. Usually for me this corresponds with breakfast (probiotic) and lunch (antifungal).

    And Drum Roll…The Diet: So my diet falls somewhere in between the website (stage two) and the forum diet. That being said, I consult both the website and the forum anytime I am curious about a particular food. There are some very intelligent and helpful people on this forum who know their ‘stuff’ when it comes to candida. Following the diet is what makes me feel comfortable with my body and it’s recovery.

    By the way, I actually know a few other people who have candida but are following other diets and plans. Some even include the occasional beer or caffeinated drink, goat’s milk and cheese into their diets. I of course don’t. I don’t even tempt myself, it’s not worth it especially with these. Caffeine, Alcohol, and Dairy were three of the biggest indicators that something was wrong. To paint a picture, try imagining going into a coffee house and ordering green tea and walking out like a drunkard or having to run to the porcelin throne like a mad woman.

    So… in case your curious here’s a full list of symptoms I experienced in the beginning. The ones crossed off with x’s are the ones I’ve karate kicked outta here. (!!). A few remain and I hope for continued success with the diet, antifungals, and probiotics. And can I just note, how many x’s there are! What a relief this all is. I am a much happier, healthier me. It has been a lifestyle overhaul but – honestly it’s all for the better. I keep thinking of other helpful tidbits to add but this is now way longer than I intended. Lemme know of any questions or comments!

    XInability to focusX
    XPoor memoryX
    XBrain fogX
    XCrying spellsX
    XPanic attacksX
    Low libido
    XPersistent extreme fatigueX
    XCravings for sweets and alcoholX
    XPoor coordinationX
    XAcid refluxX
    XStomach crampsX
    XBurping after mealX
    Mucus in stool
    XItching anusX
    XNight sweatsX
    XMetallic taste in mouthX
    Bad breath
    XCanker soresX
    XBleeding gumsX
    XCracked tongueX
    XSore throatX
    XSinus congestionX
    XFlu-like symptomsX
    XHay fever symptomsX
    XEye painX
    XItchy eyesX
    XSensitivity to lightX
    XBlurred visionX
    XBags under eyesX
    XRinging in the earsX
    XCystitis (inflammation of the bladder)X
    PMS & menstrual irregularities
    Sensitivities to food
    fragrances and chemicals.
    XInability to lose weightX
    XWater retentionX
    XHeart palpitationsX
    XItchy SkinX
    XInsatiable hungerX
    Muscle aches and stiffness.


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    Thanks for sharing akay; its good to hear that someone else out there also thinks almonds and rice can set back your progress! Its all about trial and error and you figured it out…

    One of your last symptoms is the achy joints. This is likely due to mineral deficiencies and you need more trace minerals. Examples include zinc, magnesium, calcium, selenium, iodine…there’s a whole bunch of them! I’d supplement yourself with these as much as possible. There is also some homeopathics that can reverse demineralization (loss of minerals) and you could get these from a naturopath.

    Mineral hot springs also help get nutrients into the body and if you can do it, I’d try it out! Salt only has a few minerals within it so you gotta supplement yourself.

    Constipation is one I’ve recently gotten over and I am very happen to be where I am at. Anything less than 3 bm’s a day is considered constipation (I take 2 bms per day so still got to improve I guess). The major things that have helped my constipation include chamomile tea, chewing my food more, antifungals, trace minerals, and inulin. Eating plenty of food helps as well.



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    You have to have three bowel movements a day to not be constipated? Is that a medical definition or something?


    Thrush is one of the symptoms that you still have. What do you mean by thrush?
    Do you mean you still have a white tongue?
    Or are you talking about thrush infection down there?

    you still have bad breath, but mine went after two weeks on the diet.
    I’m wondering why that is. When you say “bad breath” do you mean the typical candida breath? Probably….hhmmmmm.

    My diet has been mainly raw vegetables, since i started two weeks ago. I wonder if that has any influence.



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    Raster – I actually am taking Zinc and Magnesium – I forgot to mention those, so thank you! I will definitely look into mineral hot springs! And my boss will have to let me have the day off for medical reasons right? haha. The tea will be no problem to add as a night cap as well.

    David – By thrush I meant the white coating on the tounge. It was quite a bit worse at first, and has improved but definitely still there. After talking to a friend who has had candida and also recovered, one of the signs of returned health was her ‘nice pink tounge’ again.

    It could be just bad breath! haha, For me, I associate thrush with the bad breath although that might be a faulty correlation. This has improved too. For a while, I was running to the bathroom whenever I could to brush my teeth because I just couldn’t stand that taste in my mouth.

    My diet is what I would call plant based. I was a vegetarian before going on the candida diet so it wasn’t as bad for me to make the necessary changes. Everything I eat is organic and comes from my local farmer’s market or csa.

    However, unlike you I have incorporated a few grains and proteins back into my diet. But more power to you! I think most people here will contest it’s harder with just veg but the recovery time will probably be sped up significantly!


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    Akay, I also suffer environmental sensitivity, especially to perfume, beauty products and chemical cleaning products. I’ve switched to natural chemical free products, in some cases making my own (although they’re all available to buy as well), which has made a huge difference to how I feel and stopped negative reactions. However after consoluting with my naturopath she has suggested that the presence of heavy metals in my body may be why I experience reactions to these products. May be worth looking into for you?

    Regardless I’m sticking to the natural versions infinitely now, they’re so much better for you.


    Another quick note, if you do suffer perfume intolerance, essential oils are a great alternative, plus rose is good if you suffer menstrual problems.


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    Sorry, I misrepresented myself there when I was writing that last comment.
    My diet isn’t mainly raw vegetables. What I meant to say is, when I eat vegetables, they are mainly raw. I eat chicken too, and on weekends I treat myself with lambchops, but I’m going to have to stop that.

    SO tell me more about your friend who has the pink tongue?
    How do you define her recovery? Can she eat whatever she likes now? Does she have to take anti-fungals still? Also, how long did it take to get her pink tongue? It seems that that’s one of the hardest things to get rid of, the white tongue.



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    A very moving story indeed.

    One question, when do you drink Kefir? It’s my understanding it needs to be on an empty stomach too.

    I take the DDS probiotic pill first thing upon waking as well.


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    Yes, the chemicals are a big deal still!!

    I have switched to using all-natural body care products for shampoos, soaps, toothpaste, deodorant, detergent and even make-up. I did this swith actually about a year ago when I began noticing the severe skin issues associated with the candida.

    Recently, I have switched to using natural cleaning products as well so our apartment is chemical free now!

    However, I have issues with other peoples perfume or the cleaning products they use at work. It isn’t a huge issue because I can step away. However, my body starts sending off warning signals as soon as someone pulls out the windex – my head starts to ache and I begin to sneeze and feel my sinuses swell.

    I love the suggestion of rose oil! I will definitely look into that! Honestly, with the candida I feel I make lifestyle decisions that I am more proud of… and I can smell like roses 🙂

    My favourite that I would suggest is using the tea tree oil bar soap. Especially if you can find a blend with lavender. It has helped, alongside the protocol, my skin significantly.

    David –

    Ah, I see!

    It took my friend about a year on a strict diet (v. similar to the 2nd and 3rd stage of the website diet) to recover.

    She says she can eat things with sugars, yeast, or other ‘banned’ items now but only in moderation. She is very aware and in tune with her body and is careful with how much and how often she consumes ‘treats’. She certainly enjoys the occasional beer now, post recovery-year. However, if she notices any issues or symptoms she goes back to the candida diet. She went through recovery a few years ago and noted that every so often, maybe once a year she will do a month of candida diet again.

    I will have to ask her about the last two bits on how long it took for her pink tounge to appear – all I know is that it took her a year to fully recover. And I am not quite sure what she takes for antifungals currently. She was actually told by an acupuncturist about the candida diet and her suggestions on vitamins and antifungals were different than the ones suggested here on the website.

    Titan –

    I eat greek plain organic yogurt post workout. I am not sure if that too needs to be eaten on an empty stomach though you are probably correct. I will have to double check that. And, I usually wait three hours in between eating any meals/snacks.

    I did avoid eating the yogurt for a while (forgive me, I can’t recall how long it acutally was but I am going to guess a month). I started with the probiotic pill first and then added the yogurt too. I kind of gave it a test run before fully incorporating it into my diet.

    On another note:

    I take a water bottle to work every day. I find it extremely important that I thoroughly wash and rinse it out between uses. If ever I forget and take a swig – itchy throat on the spot. This itchy throat buisness serves as my red flag. I use it as an indicator where I need to make a revision. Listening to your body is hard, and probably different for everybody, but this is one of my signs that somethings up for sure.

    Going through all of ‘this’, I picked up some other lifestyle changes that although not specific to candida recovery can only help the process.

    Spending more time outdoors, fresh air, and enjoying hiking. Walking to the grocery store and riding my bike to work.

    I also wake up and go to bed earlier optimizing daylight hours. Morning sun does wonders for your mood and sleep cycle. . Plus, of course, without the caffeine sleeps comes so naturally now!

    I take things a lot slower. Obviously, going out to a restaurant has been eliminated and buying things fresh means more prep time in the kitchen. But it’s so theraputic and rewarding.

    De-stressing cannot be overstated. I find myself doing a lot of self-talk now which I would have found completely bonkers before. Calming myself down, deep breathing, enjoying more. Simple, but difficult. I think people going through severe candida issues have to build a new relationship with their body and their mind too.


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    You’re story definitely gives me a sense of hope and is very encouraging! I just came across it while looking for people in the group who have had low grade “fevers” and extreme sore throats. For the most part, when I take my temp, it doesn’t register anything. I feel like I’m on fire and I always think that when I take my temp, it will register over 100. So, I sit here on Thanksgiving Day…miserable. I feel like my “fever” is too high to go out of the house and enjoy the day. Did you ever register a fever or just feel like you had one? Do you or anyone else know what causes this feverish feeling? I can understand how all of the other symptoms are related to candida, esp. the gi symptoms. I’m just wondering when all of this will end. I have been on the strict diet for over a month now. I realize that is not a long time at all, but I’m already so frustrated. I literally feel like I have the flu every day. Besides the feverish feeling, the sore throat is the next worse symptom.

    Here are my other symptoms:
    night sweats (soaking my clothes & sheets too)
    some hair loss
    diarrhea (slowly getting a little better)
    extreme fatigue
    rash on my face and chest (reddish, looks like a sun burn)
    cold hands and feet
    memory loss
    brain fog
    I’m sure there are other ones that I can’t think of now….brain fog!!!! 🙁

    I am doing everything I’m supposed to for the thrush…oil pulling with coconut oil, swishing with tea tree oil twice a day & sanitizing my toothbrush several times a week. I’m doing all of the other things as well…taking a probiotic twice a day on an empty stomach, eating right, rotating the anti-fungals every 5 days (oil of oregano, pau d arco, garlic, caprilic acid, grapefruit seed extract), ingesting several tbsp. of coconut oil daily & taking lots of good vitamins. What else can I do? I am aware I probably just need to be patient, but it’s hard to do when my life is passing me by and all I can do is sit here and feel horrible. Do you have any suggestions? How long did you suffer from the fever & sore throat? It seems like all that I’m doing isn’t making a dent in the thrush. My tongue is so coated with it that it looks yellowish sometimes. The coating is very thick too. It’s not just a thin coating…it’s sticks up off of my tongue. Any help you can give me would be really appreciated!!

    Happy Holidays,


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    juliekathryn20;30447 wrote: I am doing everything I’m supposed to for the thrush…oil pulling with coconut oil, swishing with tea tree oil twice a day & sanitizing my toothbrush several times a week.

    Which diet are you on, Julie? And what type of probiotics are you taking?
    Try swishing kefir in your mouth in place of the oil for a while and see if it makes a difference in the thrush.



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    I am on the strict diet. The only thing I do that you recommend to do in moderation is eating eggs and/or chicken every day. Usually an omelet with fresh veggies each morning, salad for lunch and either chicken or haddock for dinner. The probiotic I’m taking is called Primadophilus Optima by Nature’s Way. It says on the bottle that it’s got 100 billion active probiotics. Should I switch to a different one? As far as the kefir…is there a store brand I can buy? The ones at Whole Foods say they contain fruit. I didn’t see a plain one. Any other suggestions? Each day that I have worse symptoms, I think it’s die off. I just don’t know if it’s the candida or the die off.

    Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!


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    juliekathryn20;30454 wrote: Able, I am on the strict diet. The only thing I do that you recommend to do in moderation is eating eggs and/or chicken every day. Usually an omelet with fresh veggies each morning, salad for lunch and either chicken or haddock for dinner. The probiotic I’m taking is called Primadophilus Optima by Nature’s Way. It says on the bottle that it’s got 100 billion active probiotics. Should I switch to a different one? As far as the kefir…is there a store brand I can buy? The ones at Whole Foods say they contain fruit. I didn’t see a plain one. Any other suggestions? Each day that I have worse symptoms, I think it’s die off. I just don’t know if it’s the candida or the die off.

    Primadophilus isn’t a bad probiotic, but from what I could find, it contains only 10 strains of bacteria, and it doesn’t contain the Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1 strain which acts so strongly against Candida.

    I would try to alternate probiotics every time you need a new bottle. Some of the better brands are below.

    MegaFlora 50-14 (50 billion CFUs including DDS-1, 14 strains)

    Flora 50-14 from Innate Response (50 billion CFUs including DDS-1, 14 strains)

    Flora 200-14 from Innate Response (200 billion CFUs including DDS-1, 14 strains)

    Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotics (80 billion, 14 strains)

    Some of the Garden of Life “RAW” probiotics contain as many as 32 strains of bacteria per bottle.

    Try to use a probiotic containing the DDS-1 strain at least every other time you make a change.

    In the beginning, you should try to make kefir yourself either from the Body Ecology starter kits or from the actual grains. If doing this is simply impossible for you, there are several quality brands sold in health food stores as well as some supermarkets.

    Helios Organic kefir, Greek Gods, Lifeway Greek Kefir, Green Valley, Redwood Hill (made from goat’s milk), So Delicious (made with coconut milk), and Green Valley are some of the more notable brands of bottled kefir.



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    Hi Akay,

    Thanks for sharing your story. I would like to know how long into the diet did you experience significant weight loss? Did you count carbs strictly? Or did you find that once your body started healing the weight just came off? The inability to loose weight has been one of my symptoms. I have not found anyone else who has had this symptom and over came it.


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    mrs.candida;30465 wrote: The inability to loose weight has been one of my symptoms. I have not found anyone else who has had this symptom and over came it.

    Mrs. C, how long have you been on the diet? Are you on the website’s diet or are you using the stricter one?

    If you eat fewer calories than you burn, then there is no reason not to lose weight – unless it’s water weight gain that you can’t lose for some reason.



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    I’m going to have to disagree with your statement “If you eat fewer calories then you burn, then there is no reason not to lose weight”. I realize that it goes against Science, and sounds crazy.

    I wouldn’t even know that I have candida expect the symptom that brought me here was the inability to lose weight. For the last 2 years I have recorded and weighed every bite that went into my mouth, and worked with nutritionists, dietitians and doctors. The result? I have lost 10 pounds of weight in 2 years. I had a baby 2 years ago and gained 50 pounds, while pregnant. Since then only 10 has come off, and it’s not like I’ve just recently given up sugar and fruit, I haven’t eaten sugar and fruit for over a year.

    I realize writing this will open a lot of comments about how this couldn’t possibly be true and I can’t go against science, blah, blah, I’ve heard it from 5 or more doctors before you write it here. (P.S. yes, I’ve had my thyroid checked, it’s slightly low but not low enough) This is one candida symptom that if you haven’t experienced it then you don’t know.

    To answer your question about which diet I’m on, I did the strict forum diet for 1.5 months and the cleanse for 6 days. During the cleanse I lost 3.5 #’s Recently I started Erica Whites diet, with a nod to the forums strict diet. I’m doing what I know I can realistically sustain for a year or longer.

    Water weight? yes, I’m having water weight problems. I do suspect it plays a role. I’ve only recently been able to get the water retention to budge, after your suggestion of biotin, mixed with a revamp of my multi-vitamin. Maybe I’ll find out that water was my problem and drop 40 lbs. of water? Probably not.

    The inability to loose weight is a real candida symptom? right?

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