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    I try to eat mostly fresh vegetables, but was wondering if frozen or canned veggies were ok? I see frozen veggies in the organic section at the store and thought about getting some. I also see veggies have sugars and carbs – I assume they are a good type since that is the main food on this diet. I am about 3 weeks in on stage 1.
    Also is pumpkin a ok veggie? I did not see it on either list.


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    I don’t believe pumpkin is allowed during stage 1 of the diet.

    Plain frozen would be preferable to canned, since canned vegetables are heat-processed and usually brined before canning, which destroys some nutrients, and they can also absorb undesirable chemicals from the lining of the can.


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    This diet is not a sugar free diet, just a low sugar diet. I would avoid starchy vegetables that are high in sugar; examples include carrots, peas, beets, potatoes, etc.

    It is best to get fresh veggies but if you want to save money, go for the frozen veggies (if it is cheaper). Frozen is better than canned in my opinion because there is no preservatives and other potential junk.



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    I use frozen organic veggies when I can’t find in-season/reasonably priced ones…generally just green beans, though. ($1.79/10 oz frozen vs $3.29/lb fresh)

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