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    I did some searching on coconut oil as an anti-fungal for vaginal yeast infections. I’ve been very fortunate and don’t have this symptom very often. I do however have post menopausal problems and dryness that occurs more so on this detox diet. I’m thrilled to have come across several posts on this!

    I hope you’ll excuse the “intimacy” part but feel it will help and also can help men with similar trouble. Here is one link:

    Just enter the info into search and there are many good research articles on this topic!

    Hope this helps someone!


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    Thank you for the link.
    A also have a recipe of very helpful yeast infection relief. If you take a cotton ball and dip it into the egg white to insert a night before bed, you might be incredibly surprised of its effect! You will need to discard it in the morning… The method beats itching and thrush.

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