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    This is my biggest challenge.

    I’m pretty good at home, where I don’t have any temptations and can usually remedy my cravings. Granted, it’s a lot of cooking, but for the most part I’m in a good rut.

    But anywhere else? Forget it. As a musician, it’s especially hard to find much of anything when playing bars or parties. A lot of the time, I might find some plain celery off a vegetable tray (or when they’re sitting next to hot wings, ugh).

    How do you guys handle it, especially in the early stages? What are decent snacks that I can keep in my purse, aside from nuts?


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    I have years of experience with this. Usually I eat before leaving home. And at such venues I simply don’t eat anything. As a snack I eat only nuts, many varieties (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, Brazil nuts,…).


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    It is a challenge. I used to be very sociable, but now have to decline all lunch and dinner appointments. I find excuses but can’t do this for too long. I have a retreat and whole day meeting coming up soon and they will order catering, I still don’t what shall I do when lunch time comes…


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    Unfortunately there aren’t many candida-friendly snacks around. I usually grill some salmon at home, cut it in small pieces, add avocado, and wrap it in a nori seaweed o (sort of a temaki, but with cooked salmon).
    Other than that… Seeds. Seeds. Just seeds.


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    Mary’s Gone Crackers was a life saver for me in the early days. I still keep a zip-lock bag with me when I’m traveling or going anywhere that I’m unsure about the food. They’re very filling. Also, freeze dried vegetables like green bean chips, okra chips, etc. all fit nicely in a zip-lock bag as well.

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