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    I have tested numerous foods lik avocados, fish, meats, different flours, And I have a reaction too all of these the only foods I do not react to is a handfull of vegetables and cashews. Is this normal what should I do? I ordered a product by the name of G.I. Revive on request of my naturepathic dr. to heal my leaky gut any input from one of the experts would be greatly appreciated really struggling with this candida problem.


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    If you have leaky gut really bad, you could be allergic to almost anything, even foods on the allowed foods list. Poor thomas is like this also and there are a few other forum members that have this problem. I was not like this so I cannot talk about it from a personal experience; I am mostly allergic to foods not on allowed foods list.

    I would consider doing a few things:

    1)Reduce inflammation by either eating anti-inflammatory foods (broccoli, salmon, fruits such as blueberries) or taking anti-inflammatory supplements. (fermented) cod liver is a great anti-inflammatory supplement you can take that will allow your body to heal. Fermented cod liver oil contains natural ratios of vitamins a and d and contains prebiotic properties. Eating 15 blueberries per day is not that bad and only contains about 8g of sugar (very low).

    2)Eat a lot of probiotics and prebiotics in your diet. Examples include buckwheat, teff, oat bran, greek yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut. You need to feed the beneficial bacteria in the gut with prebiotics while supplying yourself fresh probiotics. If you take probiotics alone, they won’t grow as well as you’d like…you need to fertilize them.

    3)Try out miracle fiber (aka inulin) and add it to these prebiotic and probiotic foods (or bread or anything you want). Fiber and foods with FOS heal leaky gut.

    4)Take some supplements to heal leaky gut. I gave you a big list before in another post, but I would consider L-glutamine (for sugar sensitivity). If you become less allergic to sugar, I think you can start eating more types of foods.

    5)Prevent candida from attaching to your mucousal membranes. SF722 undecenoic acid is the only antifungal that I know that does this. If you can heal your mucousal membranes, you leaky gut won’t get worse (I believe).



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    Thanks for the great information and quick reply. Was having a bad morning after having a reaction this morning. again.


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    Ive read that L glutamine can cause ammonia, is this something I should be worried about.


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    WilliamHolst wrote: Ive read that L glutamine can cause ammonia, is this something I should be worried about.

    William, no other amino acid is as abundant in the body as L-glutamine is as it’s found in all of the muscles of the human body. It’s also a natural neurotransmitter and is capable of detoxifying ammonia from the brain.


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