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    I haven’t started the diet yet and I’m already frustrated. I rather jumped the gun with probiotics as I just got off of antibiotics for a throat infection.

    Food allergy testing last year indicated that I’m highly sensitive to dairy, eggs, and yeast. I’m also slightly sensitive to buckwheat.

    It’s no surprise to me on the yeast given that I struggled with ear infections for years, also contraceptives, and I love sugar though I gave up that and alcohol a couple of months ago.

    What I’m wondering is what I can eat. Most of the recipes call for eggs or greek yogurt. Buckwheat being an issue too is annoying. I cannot make coconut flour pancakes that are edible, which annoys me as I’m very skilled at making pancakes normally.

    Breakfast is the main issue I suppose.

    One can only eat so much oat bran and things with coconut.

    I feel like I need a specialized diet plan for my specialized diet plan.

    I’m also a multi-sport athlete and a very busy person in general.

    I find the guide frustrating and almost wish I had physical copies rather than digital.

    Can anyone offer some suggestions? Anyone else unable to eat dairy and eggs?


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    Try out rutabega as a potato replacement…

    Try out cream of rice and steel cut oats as alternatives to cream of buckwheat.

    For breads I would check out teff which is a great baking grain similar to wheat (no gluten).

    You also likely can tolerate goats milk yogurt/kefir since its not from a cow.

    You might have to eat more rice products than most people because of buckwheat…


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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