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    Anyone else having dreams about forbidden food – I had one dream where I SWEAR, I could taste the crumbs in my mouth from the pink iced cupcake I devoured. Almost all of them result in me realising I’m cocked up my candida diet and I’m so disappointed in myself (in my dream).

    Thought it would be fun to share the weird ways the candida is trying to get a fix!


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    I’d wondered if I wass the only one.

    The first time was about 10 days in and I dreamed I ate an entire birthday cake. In the dream I remeber thinking I’d blown it, so why should I keep trying. When I woke up I had to look at the dream and remember that it was just a dream(or nightmare depending on your perspective.)

    A week or so later I had another one but nothing as clear and intense as the first one.


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    I have never been a big sweets guy, but about 5 days into the diet I had a very vivid dream about sweets. I was in a movie theater with some friends and was handed this massive chocolate chip cookie…I mean this thing was about the size of a bus steering wheel lol. I just remember devouring this monstrosity. The next morning I had to make some tea with a good amount of stevia in it to curb the craving heh.


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    I had a dream last night that I worked in a cupcake factory putting the icing on the cupcakes. I didn’t eat any of them though 🙁

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