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    Hello, my name is James and I have been following the candida diet as taking natural supplements to help aid in the recovery process. To put simply what should I expect my time frame to feel and look normal be? Been the candida diet for about two months now and I have noticed the decline in inflammation however my body seems to be unable to lose weight around my waist and my face is still puffy. Back information is I was exposed to black toxic mold, after suffering an auto immune attack my body began to shut down non essential functions; this lasted about a year and half. The last two years have been filled with ups and down because of the doctors not knowing what to do with me as I went on perhaps not so pleasant trip down the river of what is now ‘modern medicine’. I postulate that some time after the mold and auto immune attack the yeast infection began to take over in my digestive track, (or perhaps this occurred because of contaminated food as I am allergic to wheat and gluten) as I took natural products to kill the mold off in my body but it didn’t kill the yeast sadly. So, the last two years have been filled with the ups and downs of continually poisoning myself with high carb intake as before all this unpleasant things happened I was a very active athlete. Spending hundreds of hours on research such things and after taking the saliva test I realized that indeed I was suffering from an infection and needed to change my current diet which wasn’t bad in all honesty even if I was consuming healthy carbohydrates they were still feeding the yeast. James in Reno

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