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    For the first time in my life I have tried raw milk cheese yesterday (unpasteurized, non homogenized).

    A slice of cow raw milk cheese and a slice of goat raw milk cheese.

    Within 3 hours of eating them, I starting having flu-like muscle ache, face flushing, headache, and I didn’t sleep the whole might because of stomach cramps.

    I have tried pasteurized milk and pasteurized cheese quite a few times, and although I have a mild lactose/casein intolerance, the symptoms are usually limited to gas and bloating.

    Si it’s either:

    – a bacteria infection from the unpasteurized dairy
    – a Herxheimer reaction because my body is tasting for the first time good quality probiotic (never had a single Herx even with 150 billion probiotics pills though)

    I will keep you posted on the evolution

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