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    Hello everyone 🙂

    I am new to this forum and new to this diet, i am only starting today.
    I have a question, when i make the vegetable broth it asks to take out all veggies, does that mean the potatoes also ? and if so why do we need to put them in if were not eating them ?
    I have another question, am i not allowed to eat anything at all the first week when im cleansing ? If so, how do you do it ? I am starving hungry and its only my first day…



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    Yes you need to take out all the veggies. The broth has an alkalizing effect (which is good to fight candida) and it also helps maintain your electrolyte levels. You really need it.

    The first and second day are a little tough but it does get easier. The psyllium husk should help with any hunger. It expands in the stomach and should make you feel quite full.

    I’ve done the 7 day cleanse more than 5 times over the years. I do it whenever my fatigue symptoms get too bad and it really helps!


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    Thank you so much for the reply, i got all the necessary ingrediants i made the broth but unfortunately put too much cayanne pepper in ( wont be doing that again )
    I just dont know how long i can go with not eating anything, im absolutely starving. i havent tried the psyllium husk yet but will be in a few minutes just got back in from some errands. Is there any advise you can offer to help with my hunger besides the psyllium husk and do i really need to go 7 days of fasting ?


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    Hi there Shorty, Just wondering how your cleansing went off? You must be finished by now?! I am on my 2nd day and wouldn’t mind getting some feedback..


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    Are you taking molybdenum yet? or milk thistle? I found these very helpful during the cleanse. I don’t even want to know what my die off symptoms would have been like with out the molybdenum. When ever I was craving sugar or felt like I had no energy, I just drank lemon juice or water with slices of lemon in it. I rented a lot of movies, which is not like me at all. But it felt kinda good to just relax so much. I have practically been surviving off of guacamole my entire diet. Guacamole, eggs and a few other things. Check out this link…

    not trying to confuse you but the people that wrote this did have success with having there candida go away, and it is what I have decided to follow. BUT i did use the Psyllium husk/ bentonite clay for 2 weeks, then I stopped bc I was so sick of the bloating. I drank organic aloe vera juice ( double check all the ingradients on the forum. These guys are awesome.) to make sure that my intestines healed after using the psyllium husk. May sure that you buy somethin called swedish bitters… (make sure it is alcohol free. only available online. flora swedish bitters is what worked for me.) it is for digestion and helps with the constipation. YOU WILL MOST LIKELY HAVE SEVERE CONSTIPATION During the first 2 weeks. The psyllium husk is great bc it helped to fill me up, but you will feel constipated from it. not only that but when the candida die off the toxins cause constipation too. Not too fun but it will be worth it when the plan on this forum works. I just read every single link and asked every single question i could think of on this forum. Everyone here is very thorough. Just make sure you check to see what their rank is… and even then I’m only on day 28 of my entire cleanse and my rank is “advanced”. usually able and raster know what they are talking about. They have both had a huge success and are candida free. Make sure you check every extra ingredient of everything that goes into your mouth… including gum, toothpaste, beer/ wine and medicine/ supplements. YOU WILL GET USED TO IT AND IT CaN BE DONE. Thank the lord for guacamole!!!! also, if you eat a radish before another vegetable, it makes it taste sweeter. Also, invest in the homemade organic kefir later on… very yummy and easy to make. Very inexpensive on amazon.

    Read all this info, make a plan, write up a calendar, follow as much of their advice as you can and you will be good…

    It may seem like a lot of info, but you will become familiar with it in no time.

    Good luck, you will be fine, Nature girl 27


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    Guest wrote: alkalizing effect (which is good to fight candida)

    Please post the research which reports the information above.

    I’ve done the 7 day cleanse more than 5 times over the years. I do it whenever my fatigue symptoms get too bad and it really helps

    How many years have you suffered from a Candida overgrowth? How many times have you cured it only to have it return?



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    psyllium husk can be hard on some folks as mentioned but I am currently using it and im a couple of months into the diet. I plan on using it for 7 days and I will be doing it for 7 day every month. I use it along with the clay and I have no issues with constipation. Every morning, drink a large glass of warm water and it will help you go 🙂

    A lot of folks on these forums perfer the safer and stricter diet created by a couple of forum members here. This diet if followed correctly will put you on the right track. However some folks will have success with the diet outlined on website.

    Here is a link to the forum protocol and if you ask around you can get a strict foods list sent to you.

    good luck.

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