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    So one of the things we hear the most is ”You have to figure out what is the root of your health problems” I.E. candida is more like a symptom. Have heard this from a number of people who went on to live a healthy life. Wondering what some of you have done to diagnose/test your ’cause of candida’. Did you get your liver or kidneys tested? Test for food allergies? Have always had a problem with fatigue, depression, brain fog and draining hangovers just about my whole life. Liver? I don’t know. Am treating candida but don’t want it coming back. Googling is a rabbit hole. Thoughts…experiences?


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    This is a question that my mind goes in circles thinking about. Having your thyroid tested would be useful.

    I have had enough UTIs recently that I had my bladder and kidneys scanned (ultrasound). They were perfectly normal.

    In regards to other organs, I can’t help but wonder about our livers and how it processes our toxins and whether the problem revolves around the liver potentially. I guess contributions from those that have had Candida and overcome it would be helpful— I can only empathize with you and share your quest for answers. Additionally, hormones may play an integral role… hmph


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    I’ve just commented on someone else’s post. Below is what I said which I think applies to this too. Hope it helps!

    “I’ve also got ‘psoriasis’ and used to have bad arthritis in my hands when weightlifting and eczema on my hands. I believe the so called ‘psoriasis’ is a result of food allergies caused by leaky gut. I am allergic to many things but seem to tolerate them more and more as I focus on improving the health of my gut which is where almost all symptoms come from! My eczema and arthritis has gone and my psoriasis is getting better. I recommend doing a food allergy test, I used this one but any will do. Foods which I didn’t expect to show did such as eggs and cows milk, but the key indicator was mushroom and yeast which were showing a very strong reaction. Before using this kit, I had no idea what candida even was!



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    A true cause of health issue is not Candida, indeed.

    A true cause is heavy metal overload for example.

    Read, search, and read again, you will find your cause. You are alone in this battle, don’t expect doctors or forumers to deliver the truth, they will give you areas of research at best.

    That’s what makes the journey interesting.

    Best of Health

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