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    So I am having some trouble navigating which anti-fungal will be best for me. My stool test comes back negative for a candida, but my blood test is positive. In addition, all of my symptoms have been systemic-brain fog, fatigue, etc, no oral thrush or vaginal infections. So I need an antifungal that fights the candida in my bloodstream. My doctor put me on nystatin last month because we weren’t sure if it was in my intestines or not. Now that it probably isn’t I just want to make sure I take the right stuff. From what I’ve read it looks like Coconut Oil and Oregano Oil fight candida in the blood stream, is that correct? And what are the other anti-fungals, meds and herbs, that attack systemic Candida?
    Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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    I would look into SF722 undecenoic acid for long term use for candida. It causes candida to morph from its pathogenic state to non-pathogenic state. It also prevents candida from attaching to your mucousal membranes. This acid is found in coconut oil too.

    As far as supplements, this is where a good naturopath comes in to help you create a treatment plan. I recommend professional advice to get better because it can save you time and money vs. treating yourself. For instance, they could get you on a detox plan, address underlying problems/conditions such as digestive problems, thyroid and adrenal issues, liver, brain health, etc. all at same time.

    Systematic candida is a term that applies to most people who are fighting for their lives in a hospital bed, so you likely don’t have systematic candida. You should call it CRC (candida related complex).

    Here are the top methods people use to get better:


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