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    So I’ve been fighting a skin fungal infection for over a year now and only just turned 27.
    All started when i bought a pet rabbit that had a type of fungus and infected me and my current partner at the time. We all got treatment but for some reason mine kept coming back constantly. Tried to do the anti candida diet and take antifungals but i clearly havent been doing all the right steps.
    I was having severe constipation this year and always had IBS. I was under a lot of stress with my previous relationship and moving to a new country.
    I had colonoscopy to rule anything out i broke out in two big fungal rashes even tho I had been trying to have a clean diet. Been through a bit
    Saw a dermatologist who said it was not fungus but eczema and gave me prescription cream. 2 weeks later it was worse and spread. Saw him again he said it was ringworm (which I know is highly contiguous) so i was under a lot of stress. This dermatologist was the worse and not very helpful just gave me another cream and prescription meds.
    Saw a second dermatologist that ruled out ringworm but another type of skin fungus.
    I then had colon hydrotherapy and did my prescription anti fungals but in one spot it keeps coming back.
    I also did a blood test for food intolerances and I have leaky gut. Very intolerant to eggs, almonds, quinoa, and buckwheat and slightly coconut. Which leaves me not much to eat on the anti candida diet.
    Ive realised Ive missed two important steps to break the biofilm of the fungus, enzymes and natural anti fungals and possibly not enough probiotics.
    Ive ordered some natural anti fungals and enzymes. I hope I can fight this once and for all. Also taking supplements for my immunity
    I dont want it coming back forever. And apple cider vingear and bone broth are my go to.
    Just want to live a somewhat normal life again without the worry


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    Hey Friend
    Thanks for sharing your story.
    You are so brave for battling this horrible beast! Fungal infection is caused by a fungus and is most likely to grow in damp areas of the body, like the feet or armpit.
    Nice to hear you from you that now you are living a comfortable and happy life without any worry.

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