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    First, a little background on my story:

    I’m a male, 30 yrs old, been having issues for about 2 years. Started with frequent diarrhea, gas, mood swings, fuzzy head, constant hunger, craving carbs. I’ve been systematically eliminating carbs for the past year and was down to a diet of just meat, veggies (no starch), eggs, and nutritional shake (Reliv). I’d say i’m about 80-90% better, but still have issues. The symptoms i still have most frequently are gas, fuzzy head and mood swings. The fuzzy head usually gets worse the further I get from my last meal and I feel better after eating (blood sugar always measures in the normal range). Each of the docs i’ve been to in the past just said I had a “carb inteolerance” and needed to keep doing what i was doing and testing the diet. The last doc I saw suggested Yeast and i started doing research. It makes sense, especially considering my mom has the exact same issues which came on in the same manner, age, etc. Doc put me on Probiotics, Digestive Enzymes, Microb GI X and Diflucan. Haven’t noticed a huge difference either way since starting this combo. I have not had any tests done yet, he said when i go back next month he will probably do a stool sample. Also have periods (or days) where i have tons of energy, almost too much, like excess adrenaline. Assuming this is because of some sort of adrenal imbalance or problem.

    My questions:

    1) Do most of you have reactions fairly soon after eating a food you shouldn’t? It normally takes 1-2 days after I eat something to feel bad. In the past I even felt better right after eating a carb. This makes it really hard to pinpoint which foods are triggers because I have to try and figure out what it was I ate over the past two days.

    2) Is it common for the “fuzzy head” and hunger to be the most lingering symptoms? it seems i’ve been able to get the diarrhea under control, even the gas to some extent, but having the most trouble just feeling normal in the head.

    3) Anyone else have experience with this being a hereditary condition?

    Any other advice would be appreciated.


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