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    I wondered if anyone can help with this as topics on whether or not fermented foods help with candida seem contradictory. I’ve given kefir a go, this being a non-dairy form of coconut. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve suddenly noticed an onset of what feels like post nasal drip, which in turn is causing a sore throat. I actually felt okay prior to trying this and wondered whether it’s set off an already existing yeast infection, whether it’s actually caused one or if this is a die-off symptom to show it’s working? Can fermented foods make things worse? Shall I stay clear?

    I’d appreciate any info.


    A 🙂


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    I talked to my ND about this who has 30 years experience. He feels that fermented foods work only for a short period of time and eventually it will benefit both the good and bad in gut.

    Also kefir contains some candida strains.


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