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    The constipation. I am taking Colon Cleanse, drinking lots of water, taking Acacia fiber and I still need to use a suppository and it still feels like I’m hurting myself.

    I had 3 weeks on Monday, 2 cleanse and one phase 1. Yay! Reduced joint pain and haven’t had to take Advil in 3 weeks which I was taking up to 5 days per week. More energy. Still brain fog and on and off tinnius but the tinnius has improved. Amazing… Followed the protocol and phase 1 for a week. I have extra chicken sometimes but may be facing surgery and want to keep my strength more. I read an old post that suggested this if pending surgery.

    Taking molybdenum, milk thistle, vit c, calc mag zinc, and a probiotic at night. Any additional recommendations for this constipation issue?

    PS. Swedish bitters go bad fast if you dont refrigerate! It’s def my experience. Gotta but some new.

    PPS. Thanks to all the experts and gurus and to Raster and Able for the Protocol. Im loving reading the banter between you all. This diet is changing my life….


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    I’d try out drinking chamomile tea. It is highly antifungal and reduces constipation much like caffeine. All antifungals should increase bowel movements in general.

    I would also try out miracle fiber (aka inulin) and add it to some foods you are eating. Just sprinkle on top of yogurt, oat bran, or add it to your breads that you might make. This should increase movements as well.

    Adding trace minerals reduces constipation; take vitamins such as zinc, calcium, magnesium, iodine, etc.

    Foods high in FOS increase constipation also. Examples include artichokes, oat bran, and high fiber foods.



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    Hello, Pat.

    Have you started taking the supplement of calcium with magnesium added yet?

    Also have you tried Dr Miller’s Holy Tea?.Quite a few members have had luck with this.




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    A tsp of slippery elm powder in hot water per day seemed to help give me 1-2 bowel movements per day. They weren’t particularly great ones (still a feeling of retention), but it was an improvement from missing days altogether. It didn’t get rid of the bloating either. I thought maybe it’d take care of itself eventually, but after 11-weeks it hasn’t. You’re still at an early stage, but I’d start investigating soon if your bowels don’t improve. I’m guessing it’s caused by certain foods that my bowels don’t tolerate, but I’m still in the process of testing this idea…


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    Thanks for the excellent feedback. Going to start on Chamomile tea until the Holy Tea comes in. I just ordered it. My colon cleanse has the slippery elm in it which has helped, it make things actually at least start moving. Hopefully the rest if the interventions will help to start regular movement. Thanks so much!

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