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    Hi guys,

    I amr relatively new here. I had had digestive problems and brain fog for almost 6 months now. Yeast overgrowth was found in my stool, and so i was given nystatin. At this time i was not on the diet, and didn’t know much about candida overgrowth. The nystatin helped make my bowel movements more regular, but after it was finished i went back to being constipated and bloated again. I have been on the diet, and have also been to a naturopath who prescribed nystastin and diflucan. I have finished the nystatin ( 2 weeks), and i am on day 6 of diflucan, but i have not seen any improvement to my brain fog. The only thing i have noticed these past few days is more bowel movements, but it is not diarrhea. Earlier i got in the shower, and after 2 mins i had to get out really quickly. All of a sudden my legs felt like jelly, and i felt like i was about to pass out. I had to lay down for 10 minutes, and had severe sweating, and then finally my dizzy spell went away. I have also had lots of vaginal itching, but had my pap the other day, and a culture taken, which was negative for yeast. I was really shocked seems it was all the symptoms of an infection. The only thing i can think of is maybe the diflucan got rid of that, so it showed up negative, or maybe the itching in not yeast related. I am not saying i don’t have a yeast infection, but at this point i am a little lost. The diet doesn’t seem to be helping at all, and i feel like there is some other digestive issue contributing to this. Does anyone else know what conditions or issues can cause brain fog/light sensitivity, and bloating and constipation? My stomach also feels very firm, and i have anal itching. I also have itchy ears inside/and inside my nose. Sometimes my nose is slightly runny. I also feel very achy around my mid/lower back area, and sometimes get tingly in my hands and feet. I have been tested for celiac, diabetes, and a cbc. The only interesting finding was the white blood cells that fight bacteria was slightly over the desired range (only by 2 points), and my naturopathic doctor told me that my white blood cells are quiet large, although overall my wbc’s as a whole were within desired range. Does anyone know other possible angles i could pursue? Sometimes i feel like i will never get to the bottom of this. I also ache really bad below my rib cage on the left side, and my tummy feels a little discomfort if i was to apply slight pressure to it, and along where there is a crease between your belly and upper abdomen.

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