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    Hello all!

    I have recently decided to do something about my ailments once and for all.

    I have suffered yeast infections since I was around eleven years old. Ever since then, I have been battling depression, anxiety etc due to life issues. Now that these have been resolved, I still suffer with severe anxiety and depression- plus I have gained weight! My mood swings are intolerable and my wife gets the brunt of it. I am also at university – my memory has failed me, I have brain fog and I forget something as soon as it has been said to me. I guess I am taking stock of myself now, due to the fact I am studying for a degree, with which I want to advance myself into a great career.

    I am also a mother to my 11 year old son and thought my constant outbreaks of vaginal thrush were due to having him. However, I was getting bouts of thrush before he came along.

    Over the years, I certainly have indulged in rich foods, sugar laden!!

    For the past week, I have been researching every type of Candida diet, or elimination diet going. I have found so many conflicting stories out there. I decided to go for an all or nothing approach and cut out all the sugar, dairy, coffee, processed stuff. I started eating nuts, seeds, meats- mainly chicken and turkey, eggs. I felt like rubbish and was hungry. I do not feel prepared enough. I have also started taking Blue Green Algae and Pau D’Arco tablets.

    I am not sure how to get started, what is the best book to buy, what are the best tablets to get. In the U.K… it seems the medical profession are not as willing to accept that Candida is the culprit for all of these issues!

    I feel so hopeless with it all, and I just need some guidance! Also, although I have cut out lots of things, I found myself with a yeast infection flare up this week! :O

    Many thanks in advance and thanks for reading.



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    One thing you need to be very careful of when starting out is the toxins that candida produces when it dies. These toxins damage your liver and kidneys which you need to prevent at all costs…otherwise you will have to heal them seperately.



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    Ok- thank you! I didn’t even know that the die-off period could do damage :/

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