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    Hi everyone.
    I’ve been going along on the strict diet now for many months and a lot of my fatigue issues had slowly gone (I hardly realized they were going). Now this week I’m suddenly having the really bad fatigue again just like before I realized I had Candida (I think it’s a blood sugar thing). So I’m trying to figure out what I’ve eaten or done to bring it on and I just can’t figure it out. I ate some split pea soup…. started taking the calm magnesium….weeks ago I cheated with a couple of Christmas cookies…..but the fatigue is soooo bad today I can’t do anything. Any thoughts about this????? Anyone else have this kind of problem???


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    It could be that you still had enough of the Candida in your intestines for them to establish additional colonies after you ate the cookies and then added the split pea soup. I’d say you need to remain steadily on the diet for the time being.
    Which supplements are you taking and especially are you drinking homemade kefir and taking probiotics, if so, which probiotics and at what count?



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    A variety of symptoms can return when you cheat from my experience, but only temporarily.



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    Sorry I didn’t get right back Able.

    I’m taking
    2 HMF Neuro Probiotic Capsules (12 Billion CFU looks like 5 varieties) at night before bed.
    Then in the morning I take one Ortho Biotic20 Billion CFU 7 strains,
    I drink water kefir a couple times each day(I’m really allergic to all dairy)I put trace mineral drops in it too.
    Also I’m on nystatin 500,000 unit (I take 6 aday – have since November)
    I also took diflucan for a several months but am off that now
    I did most of the anti-fungal supplements you suggested since April but now I don’t use these much anymore.

    Here is a list of the other things I’m taking:
    Vit. D3 – 4000IU
    Transfer factor
    Adren-All(vitamins and adrenal support)
    Ferrochel (Iron)
    Vit C 2000 mg
    IntestiMax (L-Glutamine)
    EPA-DHA 720 (2 a day)
    Petaine HCI, Pepsin & Gentian Bitters
    I also use swedish bitters
    DHEA 25 mg
    Isocourt (cortisol)
    I also take synthroid
    So as you see my bloodwork came back with low iron, low D, low dhea_sulfate and my adrenals don’t seem to have worked well in years and years.


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    I also had fatigue, dizzy and fainting spell return after 2 month of good health since on the diet. I am also diagnosed with low hemoglobin and suspected the cause is due to low iron. Candida overgrowth and anemia turns out to be closely linked. taking iron supplement had actually worsen for me. so candida must be feeding on the iron. but, not so with iron from meat since I have been eating mostly meat. I read on about the role of Lactoferrin in guarding the iron. but, having difficulties obtaining enough information on it.


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    Apo-lactoferrin helped my anemia symptoms within 30 minutes and my missed period came the next day. it binds to iron. Here are some reviews…


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    Dear Flipper, while I’m new to this forum and the diet, I read alot about Diatomaceous Earth and started taking it the week after I got off sugar, caffeine, everyting yummy, and have noticed that my severe fatigue is gone. While I feel a little weird cuz I’m trying to detox also, I believe if it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t make it. I take one tablespoon with a small amount of water (about 1/3 cup) and a bit of stevia. You have to keep stirring while drinking and only in the morning as it gives you alot of energy. Good Luck!

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