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    Well….I am not sure how to start. I have known for a while that I have a candida infection. I have been on over 163 medications in 4 years (all were stopped 2 years ago). I was mistakenly diagnosed with Cancer, Endometriosis and treated with injectable chemo right after taking luprolide LAR for hormonal imbalances and supposed PCOS. It turns out I never had cancer (and they never fully tested for it as well) .They now say it is Fibromyalgia and I MYSELF found out 2 years ago that a lot of it was food allergies from this Candida. I am now fighting this fight again, and I refuse to take any medication as my gallbladder is gone and my liver simply can’t even tolerate a little bit of lemon to say the least. I know that this is a Candida and I am getting tested for hypothyroidism. I am hoping it isn’t getting worse, but it seems to be pointing this way. I lately have been going through some related anxiety and stress which never helps. I have started guided imagery and relaxation/meditation techniques, drink lots of water, and journaling on a daily basis. But I am seeing that this is getting super hard to overcome if not impossible at this time. While on Chemotherapy, they took out my gallbladder and ever since this surgery (2 years ago) I have had this problem (I have also had 5 surgeries in the last 5 years). The hardest part is that DOCTORS THINK I AM LYING TO GET MEDICATION!! They do not believe me and I am allergic to most all medications, herbs, and foods.
    I have been very bad premenstrual cramping, nausea, adrenal fatigue, brain fog, tingling in my legs, pain in my legs like never before, thrush of course, sore neck and beck, headaches, and am tired as soon as I wake up, perhaps a vitamin/mineral deficiency, skeletal pains, horrible ovulation, sensitivity to most foods, new depression that was never there, dry throat and mouth, new allergies, my toes are always frozen. I can’t handle milk thistle or any of these liver detox medications. I have horrible reactions. Hot-Cold intolerance, inability to digest paul d’orco and any kind of teas. I have not had this to this degree before. I am not sure where to turn to and I find myself feeling so alone, being as NO ONE will help me to find a diet or protocol that I can work with. I am allergic to many foods (that I contribute to the Candida infection) and was told to eat RAW and steamed veggies a lot. I don’t see it completely helping, but I am a very big fan of coconut oil, EVO oil, and garlic, and onions. I would really like to rid myself of this once and for all as I am consistently tired, anxious, hungry, unable to digest properly, headaches, sinus problems, new chest and neck nerve pains, and slow lymph node reaction and all the rest listed above….(?!) I also recently found out that my Dentist had lied to me and placed a metal plated porcelain crown in my mouth. I specifically asked not to get this, and now I am being hounded by debt collectors and am unable to pay this because I can’t hold down a job. I had testing done at a local naturopath office ( I like them but they are somewhat complacent with my care and do not understand Candida as well as I would have hoped). I have lost out on MANY jobs, schooling, money, life experiences, health, sound piece of mind, and family events. I am hardly able to exercise as I know get winded fairly easily and am so tired. I sometimes feel like I can feel my heartbeat in my leg….. I don’t know where else to turn to. As I said, it is BEYOND desperation at this point. All of my relationships are suffering. I have tried MANY Candida diets and books, but because I am so sensitive to MOST HERBS, some minerals, some vitamins, foods (corn, eggs, wheat, amaranth, sugar, asparagus, maybe rice and all other carbs NOW, dairy- besides raw cheese, caffeine, coffee, all fructose/sucrose, some fruits, and almost if not all chemicals, outdoor allergies, some indoor allergies, fungi, as well as parabens, SLS phalates, BPA (which I do not use!!!). My body feels as if it cannot rebound. I am so desperate for a healthy life. I have changed my diet completely 2 years ago. I eat 95-99%% Organic (“Natural” if I have to meaning no preservatives, colors, flavors, but make sure if they are really non GMO), I don’t eat Gluten or any of my allergies above. I try to avoid all carbs and this doesn’t seem to have too big of an effect. I use non GMO shampoo and conditioner, I don’t use perfume but essential oils, and I am trying to use the knowledge I DO have to keep this at bay. But this time it has really gotten out of control. I don’t necessarily have constipation, but I do only go usually once a day and it is diarrhea (embarrassing but I feel I need to share this). I would love to find a healthy program that can really change my life. My symptoms don’t even seem to be letting up very much this time. I am planning to follow your tips for this and cook up my veggies, but like I said—I am so sensitive that I can’t even eat half of the food that are on the list. I apologize for such a long letter but I am BEYOND desperate for some help. At this point, we are broke and I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. I know it will be a lot of work, and I am willing to do it. But I do not have the money to be spending on Dr’s appointments, being that I am consistently fighting this fight. I am way in debt from this. We have no money and are looking at either going into a shelter or moving home (which is really not an option at this point). I try not to stress or cry but it is REALLY HARD when I am sick day in and day out. I have recently tried to start a new job, and it is not working out very well being that I can barely move at times. I haven’t been able to do any of the recommended cleansings as my liver is so overburdened that it can barely process anything anymore (and having no gallbladder doesn’t help my liver in detoxifying). I BEYOND appreciate taking time out of your busy schedules to even pay attention to this. NO DOCTOR LISTENS TO ME. They say it is all in my head. It has been 6 years, 100+ doctors, hundreds of Medications, multiple hospitals, multiple infections, and still no answers. I have sent my story to multiple people and they will simply not answer, ignore me, or tell me to go someplace else. It is not only embarrassing, but hurtful. I WILL NOT do medications in any form. I am so sensitive to anything that I feel this horrible sense of sadness. I don’t know whether I will get my life back. I would like to think so, but I have tried EVERYTHING and it just doesn’t seem to help. I am starting with a new Chiropractor. I am also continuing my healing therapy.

    Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH for listening to my story. No one has and all I really desperately want is to live an honest and successful life so that I can help improve the life of so many others. I desire to help people in my position, but in order to do so I need make a positive journey in the right direction.

    I am not trying to sound rude or needy, but my life has been so impaired that at this point I have nowhere to turn. I see the forums, but I am so sensitive to all of this stuff that I have no idea what the heck to do.

    Blessings and Thanks Everyone,
    North Dakota, USA


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    First of all, I totally feel for you! And just so you know, you are on my prayer list Beryl! I am a believer in the supernatural, and at this point, you need the God of heaven and earth to intervene in your life.

    On another note, I have some very weird suggestions that I have come across in my own journey to healing (I am blessed to be catching this earlier in life and before lots of doctor intervention.)

    First of all, I am on Day 5 of treating my condition with bee propolis that I grind myself. It put me through terrible die-off immediately, which means I know it works. I’m not sure if that would work for you or not, but it’s one of those treatments no one really talks about (so I’m in the dark as well!) Since you have such bad liver function it might be just as hard as all the other herbs/treatments you’ve tried, but its good to keep in your toolbox of possible treatments.

    Secondly, DIET: I make my own Kefir and kombucha. Look these things up. I believe in them. Also, look up the book Nourishing traditions. A lot of your food ideas are found in there. This comes down to food philosophy, and there are a TON of them out there, but seriously, I feel this book hits it best. The rule of thumb is: If your great great grandmother wouldn’t recognize it as food or know how to cook it, don’t eat it!

    Lastly, I have read some amazing testimonials about one very weird treatment: drinking your own urine. I am not nearly desperate enough to try this, but I can imagine I could be daring enough if need be! It’s very weird and anti-western thinking, but worth a shot… and hey, its FREE!!

    I’ll be praying for you! May God bless you on this journey and keep you safe and protected in your times of financial, emotional and physical struggles!


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    I too have been in chronic pain for many years and was misdiagnosed a multitude of times. Currently, I can only eat about a dozen foods. That’s it. Eradicating a candida overgrowth, from what I’m told, takes a long time. One year to 18-months. So, hang in there! Probably the best thing you can do immediately is to start taking a probiotic. There’s really good information on the forum about why it’s needed, suggested kinds and when to take it. Just do a search and you’ll find the info. Also, stick strictly to your diet of fresh vegetables and eggs (if you can tolerate them). Finally, you should include an antifungal in your diet. Coconut oil is considered to be the best; however, it may be cost prohibitive considering your budget. Another good option, which works for me, is garlic. Chop it up (introduce it slowly into diet) and put it on your veggies. If you feel odd afterward, that’s the effects of die-off, which means the antifungal is working. Include those three recommendations into your daily regimen. The candida diet is not an easy path but there are plenty of people here on the forum who can guide you and offer advice based on their personal experiences. Good luck and best wishes!


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    Hello mojo,

    It sounds like you have a chronic toxicity problem in my opinion and your body is too taxed with too many toxins (from candida, parasites, mercury, plastics, chemicals, etc.) A great way to reduce the toxic load on the body is to sweat out the toxins via a steam room, sauna, hot tub, jacuzzi, or even hot bath. Its also a great way get minerals and nutrients in the body (the body absorbs the water). The skin is the bodies largest organ.

    I have a post about it:

    I would try to slowly increase the amount of coconut oil you ingest slowly if you can tolerate it.

    I would consider trying out SF722 if/when you can afford it. You may be able to cope with this better than other antifungals.

    It also sounds like you potentially have a thyroid issue/imbalance and I would try to get some iodine into the body (kelp, supplements, etc). Min-tran is one I use.

    I’d also try to chew your food more, which is a free thing to do:

    Acupuncture is also something that can greatly help your woes. It can heal specific organs and rebalance the body. Even one session could totally change how you feel. Its also great for detoxing the body and changing your mindset. It might reduce the load on your body and get your liver working again.



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    raster;29386 wrote:
    It also sounds like you potentially have a thyroid issue/imbalance and I would try to get some iodine into the body (kelp, supplements, etc). Min-tran is one I use.

    I agree: HPA axis (endocrine system = thyroid/adrenal) dysfunction is common with candida related complex.

    It’s important to take iodine supplementation co-factors in addition to high doses of iodine: many of which are included within this forum’s protocol but, not all.

    Here’s a good iodine supplementation protocol

    Be careful to gradually tincture up iodine slowly: or be prepared for gnarly die-off…..

    raster;29386 wrote:
    It might reduce the load on your body and get your liver working again.

    What are your thoughts about how ‘fatty liver’ worsening due ev coconut oil?



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    Do you have (however limited) a list of foods you CAN digest properly?
    I would suggest working on fairly liquid diet, at least for a week or two to see if that helps. Make yourself some homemade bone broths (link to recipe)

    This will give you a good base. steamed veggies will be easier to digest than raw, so start there, and add others as you go. Use the homemade broth as a base for a simple soup.

    Broccoli – saute onion, garlic, carrot,until soft. 16oz broth and bring to a boil. toss in broccoli and cook for a minute or two. put the whole thing in the blender until smooth.

    You can do this with spinach, kale, and any other variety of veggies and herbs. Adding a bit of ginger is helpful as well.

    Other healing plants are things such as burdock and nettles. If you can find fresh burdock, its root with a brown outer coating (dont peel, just scrub) and adding it, cooking can be very nourishing.

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