exfoliative cheilitis and candida overgrowth?

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    exfoliative cheilitis
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    Does anyone have any knowledge as to how having a candida overgrowth can cause exfoliative cheilitis. I’m not 100% sure I have a candida overgrowth, but I do have exfoliative cheilitis. Candida overgrowth has come up a few times in my research among many other possible causes for this condition. I’ve had it for 4 years now, been to dermatologists, at least 5 in the past 3 years. Have tried a lot of things but nothing has helped. Recently have been trying the candida diet to see if anything improves with my lips, no improvements yet. This is my first dietary approach to try and heal my lips. Been on the diet for 3 weeks now. I know 3 weeks might not be long enough to see results, just looking to see if anyone has any knowledge about this subject.

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