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    J. Adams
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    Has anyone else had issues with their esophagus from candida? It gets so tight it’s hard to breathe. It’s not my lungs I do know that. It’s in the center of chest, not painful and it just squeezes and makes it hard to get a breath. I’ve noticed that if I’m actively taking coconut oil it gets significantly better but as soon as I quit it comes right back. I also have issues with my throat itself feeling tight also but it too goes away with coconut oil. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Does this sound like esophageal thrush?


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    Yes, this is exactly how I found this forum, by searching for the same issue you are having. I’ve had a ‘tight’ throat for about three years now off-and-on. If I drink too much alcohol, I will also get a lot of phlegm that I can’t rid of by coughing or trying to clear my throat. I noticed that in yoga, it’s hard to put my head backwards because my throat feels even tighter, almost as if I am suffocating. Seriously terrifying.

    Have you had any success with the long-term candida diet? I am on day 24 and I don’t have any problems with my throat, esophagus, or chest anymore. The white coating on my tongue is mostly gone. The last few weeks were really hard on my body as I went through the detoxification process but I stuck to the diet 100 percent and coming in the 4th week, I’ve never felt better. The 2nd and 3rd weeks were hardest for me — I could hardly get out of bed during the day because of lack of energy. I wanted to give up. Finally I feel like my energy levels are balancing out now and my body is used to ‘not having sugar.’ I have no inflammation and bloating anymore. I actually have no desire for sugar or anything sweet. Odd, because I live for sweets.

    A few other things I can recommend to you are oregano oil and the supplement CandibactinBR. The thing is — if you use coconut oil or other anti-fungals, you will keep it at bay, but you won’t rid your body of candida overgrowth. To do this, the diet is the best way, and while for everyone it’s different, I think 3 months is a good amount of time to kill the overgrowth, heal leaky gut (if any) and train your body to maintain normal energy levels without constant sugar.

    Another thing to consider is the root cause. I’ve seen nearly every post on this forum but there hasn’t been much discussion about root causes. I think this is so important. That’s why it was hard for me to understand why I am a constant victim of this issue. I eat a healthy diet, although I do love chocolate and wine and sometimes go overboard. I work out every other day and maintain a healthy weight. I’ve always been thin and never drink soda and eat minimal processed foods. But yet I keep getting the scary ‘tight’ throat and candida problems (itchy skin, brain fog, blocked ears, etc.) I tested high in mercury, aluminum and lead and my doctor believes this is the main issue for my candida overgrowth. I am now going through a series of chelations to treat my heavy metal problem. I hope that through the diet and less heavy metals, there is a way to get through this long-term.

    Hope you are having more success with the issue now and did want to jump in here and let you know you are now alone! I think this is a problem that many people have.

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