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    Hi everyone, I’d posted elsewhere that i”m going on a two week trip to Europe on Tuesday after having recently discovered the detailed advice on this board for dealing with candida. I’ve been doing some anti-fungals on advice of my acupuncturist (garlic, olive leaf extract) and some probiotics (30billion 1 x daily). Upon reading here, I started some liver support (nettle leaf supplements and tea, molybdenum 1 pill 3xdaily) and added in some other protocols — caprylic acid and l-glutamine (1 pill 3xs daily) for the last week or so, aswaganandha and 5htp (1 pill 2x day) for the last two days and formula sf722 and bacillus coagulans yesterday (1 pill twice yesterday of each). Just typing this out I think I see where my problems may be coming from — too much too fast.
    I have cut out all sugars and caffeine for about a week and a half but had still been having organic red meat, buckwheat tortillas and coconut bread(per recipes on forum)and just a couple days ago made almond milk from scratch and made a forum granola recipe and had two servings of granola with plain greek yogurt last two days. I have also been drinking quite a bit of lemon water.
    I’m going on a two week trip to france on Tuesday with my family and extended family.

    Woke up yesterday with painful throat in the larynx area and trouble swallowing. Same today. I have had vertigo symptoms, worse in the morning for nearly a month. I hope it is thrush (ran across references to Barrett’s esophagus in researching, which freaked me out) but I don’t know how to manage it best in advance of and during this trip.

    Should I back off of any of the supplements or add the VCO?

    Any advice would be incredibly appreciative,


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    Hi, Sue.
    In your place I think I would leave the antifungals alone and perhaps concentrate only on the 30 billion probiotics a day. I’m sure you’ll be eating out most of the time, so simply try to make the best of a bad situation as far as feeding the Candida is concerned and wait until you return home to start the actual treatment.



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    Thank you, Able. I will do my best to not feed the candida on vacation — I don’t want any worsening of any symptoms. We have an apartment so I will cook in veggies and eggs and not eat with the rest of the family. I’ll bring probiotics then (the bacillus coagulans doesn’t need to be refrigerated but I will go ahead and bring the other as well, we will have a fridge there) and the molybdenum. Having trouble swallowing any supplements right now anyway.


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    There is a tea out there called “throat coat tea” and this can help eliminiate your sore throat for most of the day with one cup.

    If the sore throat persists for a long period of time, you could have mono or strept throat from my experience.



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    Thanks for the reminder, Raster. I do have that tea in the closet somewhere. I was worried this might be an infection (though I’m not prone to them) but I think it is probably either thrush or anxiety. Apparently, chinese medicine has a term for the feeling that something painful is stuck in your throat and it’s attributed to anxiety. Getting some acupuncture treatments before I leave and hoping that will help significantly.

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