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    I ve been on treatment for a little more then 4 months now. I ve been on multiple fungals and different diets. I’ve had urinatin issues, blood sugar issues Etc. it’s been a month of nystatin and sf722 now. I ve been now for 2 and a half weeks of the strict diet with occasional brown rice or quionoa once or twice a week. No more cheat meals. The past two weeks I’ve had great energy, it seemed like overnight. And as the days go by I feel more energy. However my digestion still sucks and get the mild silent reflux due to sensitivities or the yeast. Plus still the bloating. Does this mean I’m getting better? However y am I still having bloating problems? Leaky gut? I do read it takes years possibly to heal your digestive trac. But the more energy and the better feeling makes me believe the yeast is leaving slowly.?? Hopefully. Any comments would help. Thx. I hate my bloating but it’s getting a little better I believe


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    Patience! Two and a half weeks isn’t very long. It’s awesome that you’re having so much success in that time! All of this can take months and years to heal. If you have leaky gut, it generally takes several months to heal that. You’re also probably irritating it with the quinoa and rice, I would guess. I know for me, all that stuff (especially quinoa) really causes bloating and digestive problems.

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