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    I’ve stopped probiotics temporarily due to a massive acne break out. It’s only my first day so it’s too early to tell if it’s helping.
    I’ve always been constipated and always had hard pellet stools.
    I’m now in my fourth week of the diet and finally have started going 2-3 times a day but the stools are still hard and pellety regardless of how much water I drink.
    I do saline enemas on occasion to help clear my system and have noticed when I do them now, I can see the candida (mucus) in the stool. I only see it when I do an enema.
    This makes me think I should be doing enemas everyday!
    My question is how; is there such thing as too many enemas if I’m clearing out my candida.
    Anyone have any idea why my stools have always been pellets?
    I drink green juice, have a tablespoon of chia seeds and eat almonds, a green apple a day plus more vegy’s (all of which I’m not sensitive too)

    You help and advice would be greatly appreciated- I’m fairly new to this.

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