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    Just requesting any encouragement you might have. I have had candida for almost 20 years. I had given up trying to fix this thing, but I haven’t tried this exact diet. I previously modified my diet so I can get by but it gets worse every year. Has anyone thought they might be intolerant to some of the foods on the list, but ate them anyway for this diet and done well?

    For example I am not sure rice agrees with me. but if I give that up and as well as all of the other things I am not allowed on this diet (Phase1) I don’t think I can do it. Most grains give me some problems -the ones listed bother me a lot. Anyway-anyone that can share your die off information and experience will be appreciated. God bless and good luck everyone. Thanks.


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    Hello I’m “itsmenoodlehead”. I know how you are feeling right now. I’ve been going through the same thing now for almost two years now. While that’s not twenty I am suffering. I’ve never ever been a sick person before this, and believe me it’s a lot. Ive been kicking around the idea of buying probiotics and really starting a program. I just started the cleansing part of this program today, which is a modified version cleansing the body with water.
    I’m experiencing “die-off”. This to me feels a lot like the flu. I have a low grade fever and every muscle in my body feels like I’ve got 50 extra pounds attached to them and I’m only 103lbs. I do feel I’m on the right track. I figure for whatever reason, I’m sick and if I don’t do something drastic it’s only going to get worse.
    From what I understand when your on a fast the worst of it is the first two days. So I can do one of two things. I can choose to continue and eat what I know is making me sick or I can take action and do what I need to get this crap out of my body. Trust me I’m very ill. It’s very difficult for me to even get out of bed just to go to the bathroom.
    So I’m sorry for what your going through, I’m sorry for all of us who have an idea of what’s going on. Just think of all of those people out there who are still in the dark. Just hang on. You’ve found this site and it’s got a lot great information on it. Now that I’ve been reading through this site and others like it I can’t help but feel anger towards the food industry as well as government agencies who continue to let the people who manufacture and sell crap labeled as “food”. Let me say that everyone should be responsible for for their own health and what goes into their body. So that leads me to my next thought, how are people supposed to make the right decisions about food when not given all the best information?
    Once again, hang in there! Your on the right track.


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    I would say yes, it’s going to be hard to do the candida diet but it’s by no means impossible and you’ll find out some great things about your body and how it reacts to food, as well as finding your tastebuds awakened!

    For the first 3 weeks, don’t have any rice – use quinoa instead – and then try a small bowl. You’ll be able to tell pretty quickly if there is a reaction to it right then and there. Also – are you believing your rice problem stems from ALL rice, or just white processed rice? Try brown basmati or black rice and see if they are more tolerable.

    You may not see changes to your health immediately but they will come, just use supplements to speed things up and definitely take a good quality vitamin c powder and probiotics. My most noticeable improvement is my skin and whilst I have ups and downs being on this diet (day 69 today), I always am told that I look well.

    The other thing to help you along is to use this forum as often as you like. Most questions are answered or discussed and it’s great to know that people all around the world are on the same journey as you.

    Hope this helps.


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    you should try going to a naturopath and having them allergy test you. I did that for over a year, using the NEAT method. I was able to get desensitized to the foods that were causing me problems. With candida it was a long list. So by doing the candida diet about 90% last year and desensistizing me, I was able to get to the point this year where my list was small. So I have been on hardcore candida diet for 5 months now. figure in another month or two I will go back and get re-tested and see if there are any left. candida causes alot of the sensitivites.

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