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    I am a bit worry cos I don’t feel well.
    I started the cleansing 4 days ago.
    First two days I felt a bit weak and I had a headache. Quite normal.
    The third day I felt so out of energy I could hardly walk. I felt like dying.
    So I broke the cleansing and ate some beef.
    After that I felt much better concerning my energy, but the horrible stomach pain started.
    Now it’s almost 24 hours since my stomach hurts. I went to the toilet.
    I feel very low in energy and have constant pain in my entire stomach that increases in waves (getting quite strong), I have no apetite, almost feel like vomiting.
    So, I know these might be die-off symptoms, but I am afraid and I wonder weather should I go to the doctor or not.
    I take Molybdenum (2ml a day), but havent yet started with kefir and oregano oil+coconut oil.
    Thank you


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    Beef is the last thing you should have eaten after a three or four day cleanse, and it’s no surprise that your stomach is in so much pain. You should have started by eating more vegetables and a few teaspoons of olive oil during the day, and in a few more days add some organic eggs.

    In the states, our Molybdenum is measured in milligrams (mg) and micrograms (mcg),
    so I have no idea how much you’re taking. In other words it may not be enough.



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    Thanx for the answer.
    I know beef was not good, but I ate some eggs and some soups and it didnt help at all.
    So, i went to the hospital, but they told me it’s the gastro flu…:S
    So, I hope they are right, even though it’s very strange coincidence that my pain started right after that beef.


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    Did they test you for the flu or just make it up?

    Beef takes 2+ days to digest and this is why we don’t recommend it on the diet. Was the beef organic? If not, they could’ve sprayed the viral meat spray on it…


    You are experiencing die-off symptoms and this is why its important to take supplements to protect your liver and kidneys. Are you taking anything for this?



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    I can’t imagine that European meat would be sprayed with “Viral Meat Spray” that sounds purely like an FDA problem.

    I too would like to know if tests were done to determine the flu. It sounds to me like beef was the worst food choice you could have made because it’s so hard to digest.

    The way that you described feeling on your cleanse was similar to the way I felt. I soon discovered it was because I wasn’t taking my vitamins, which are crucial for me, because I suffer from malabsorption.


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    the beef was swiss and organic, u can’t get better than that 😉
    but i guess the doctors were right, there is a gastro flu going around, and by now, i think it was the flu that made me weak, not the diet.
    So, im gonna go back to the diet when i get better. But no cleansing, its a bit too strong for me.

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