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    I have done 5 days cleansing and 2,5 days 🙂 on the website’s candida diet. My heartbeat has been elevated for about 3 days, it doesn’t matter if I move around or relax. It’s constantly elevated. Is this normal? Anyone else experienced that?


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    A doctor could probably give you better advice, and I’d consider asking for it if your symptoms don’t abate soon, but it could be a side-effect of elevated cortisol. Your body needs to break down your muscle tissue when you fast, which accounts for the majority of the weight you lose (your body likes to hold onto fat), and cortisol is a part of the process as that link mentioned: Stimulation of gluconeogenesis, especially in the liver. Since muscle tissue is vital to health, and the side-effects of cortisol range from anxiety to slowed metabolism and weight gain, I’d keep your cleanse short. There could be a completely different explanation to your increased heart rate, since how you react to dietary changes really depends on your metabolic state going into it.

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