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    Hi,I am doing really well on the strict diet, mainly consume vegetables,beans,and protein powder,was wondering if we can have fresh edamame? My local farmer’s market sells it but I wasn’t sure if it’s ok to have.I would boil it and then eat the beans.
    Thank you!


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    Soy’s the worst plant by far for plant toxins (phytates, phytoestrogens, goitrogens etc). Doses of various extracts equivalent to 40g or so of edamame have been shown to do things like lower testosterone, increase estrogen, slow muscle growth and induce hypothyroidism in subclinical hypothyroid patients. You can reduce the toxins somewhat by thoroughly preparing them, but they still may be best avoided if you have any hormone issues or suboptimal iodine intake. Plants have many downsides that tend to be ignored in vegetarian/vegan nutritional mythology 😉

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