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    I am a vegitarian and have been eating ALOT of green veg

    I heard for good health its good to incoporate a rainbow of veg

    My greens= are no problem get heaps
    My yellow/orange= lemons rutabagas
    My white= jerusalam artichoke, ginger, onions
    My purple/blue= eggplant (once a week) and purple cabbage.

    My red= Well this is where the problem lies, i eat chilli but too much can be taxing on the liver which already works so hard so i have decided to add red capsicum into my diet once a week. also i have read a couple of success stories on this forum who said they ate bell peppers, although it wasnt specified on the color.

    i dont want to lead anyone astray, but it just seems like the right move for me.

    Anyone wishing to post there opinion is very welcome.

    xxx bouncy

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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