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    My naturopath said that because I am O blood type that I should be eating a diet of greens, red meats and very little fruit or grains. This is somewhat close to the candida diet and I am wondering if anyone else has had this type of feed back. There is a book out there that talks about blood type diets and my naturopath is a strong supporter of this theory. As I am still eating the vegetables and eggs. I am wondering about the meat idea. I did have almonds and some fish last week without any complications but when I ate some rice crackers I felt sick the next day. I tried it again last night and I don’t feel good today again. I am wondering all this because avacadoes and coconuts are on the “no” list for O blood types and when I did some test that involves a little metal device pressed against my finger it told me I should not eat beef, dairy or eggs. So far on this candida diet I am eating avacadoes and eggs daily. Have any of you gone through all this testing? Did you find the results to be accurate? Do any of you follow the blood type diet? Any comments would be welcome. thanks!


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    The blood type diet was invented by Peter D’Adamo, another naturopath. There’s absolutely no evidence to support it, and he hasn’t even documented the reasons behind his spurious conclusions. He’s claimed more than once that a clinical trial is “impending,” but has never published any of the results. I wonder why. Try looking up ‘blood type diet’ on Wikipedia.

    Nobody is “meant” to eat red meat frequently. There was a big research study published not more than a fortnight ago that reminded us of this fact. For someone with unbalanced gut flora and candida overgrowth, red meat is a disaster. Ask your naturopath to explain, in biochemical terms, how your blood type makes your body favour beef and pork over chicken and turkey. You might as well go by your star sign.

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