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    For 4 years i was miserable. Indigestion, burping, gas, constipation, diarrhea , malnutrition, hair loss, pale skin. I had all bad things combined. Sometimes i felt better because i was fasting and i exercized a lot even though i had low energy levels.

    I tried the keto diet but candida feeds on ketones so that didn’t work. I tried high carb vegan diet and that didn’t work. I tried high fat, low carb. I tried garlic, drugs, herbs ,everything.

    Finally after 4 years i can say i am cured because i have no symptoms, my energy is back, no gas, no bloating, no pale skin.The diet is simple.

    6-8 small meals per day(300 calories each). A really small potato or a little bit of rice with chicken breast and a little bit of extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice on chicken breast. So the diet is moderate protein, moderate carb, moderate fat. But fat from olive oil and not saturated fat. Be carefull with the carbs. If you eat a lot, candida will come back. Obviously you will not eat sugar, honey, fruits, vegetables, anything with high fiber, cheese, milk, beans.

    So let’s say 150g carbs from rice and potato, 60g of olive oil and the rest from protein. It’s an easy diet that you can follow for a long time because you eat carbs and fat and protein so you don’t feel hungry at all.

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