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    Please tell me everything or link me to a source.


    What is used and when? [nystatin, coffee etc.]

    How often?

    Any other relevant information.

    I have found this description [which also mentions you]:

    It says to do 3 to 4 water enemas first, is this one after another? I have heard this can be dangerous and you should have a break between enemas.

    Also it mentions distilled water- can I use filtered water instead as our refrigerator has a big filter that filters the water we get from it.

    Thank you.


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    My doctor actually recommended me to do coffee enemas. Coffee enemas are VERY beneficial and are good for people who suffer from leaky gut (like me). 2 tbsp of coffee in 1 pint of water for 10 minutes on the stove, make sure the coffee is ORGANIC and CAFFINATED. (The caffeine stimulated the galbladder and liver to produce more bile, which for me is beneficial because my galbladder is barely functioning at 37% (western medicine removed GB at 30%) anyways, let it cool and make sure it’s neither hot or cold. Strain the coffee out and fill enema bag. Then add enough water to make a total of 2 quarts (I just add water till enema bag is full. I lube the insert with organic olive oil, then start slowly when the water begins to flow. I usually play some sort of meditation music to calm my body and allow coffee to run it’s course. Also, lay on your left side knees to chest, or bent. Massage stomach if cramping occurs. Hold for 7 minutes when fluid is in. Deep breathes are great. I’ve been having a terrible struggle with candida but after doing these coffee enemas (I’m having terrible constipation) these keep you regular, detox liver by 600%, increases transit time, and all my anxiety and joint pain is gone. The whites of my eyes actually look clearer. I hope this helps!



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    That would have been an alternative doctor, right?

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