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    I found this web site and watched the video. I’m concerned if I should or should not be taking vitamins? Has anyone else watched this video?


    Now I’m thinking I should not be taking the suppliments as well as if I stop how will my body get the nutrients it is lacking from the diet?

    Anyone heard of hemp hearts? He recommends these as well.


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    The website is very interesting.

    What it says about vitamins is a shock. I’m curious what others think. I would be very concerned about my body lacking in those much needed nutrients during the diet if unable to take those vitamins. Also, the vitamin A,D,E help give us energy to get through the day. Not sure I would be able to function the way I do without those vitamins.

    Also read that should not eat more than 150 carbs a day. That is something I’ve asked a couple times on this forum and never got an answer. I use an app on my phone to keep track of everything I eat (to help if I get a reaction but also to see how much sugar/carbs/protein I’m eating). Reducing the carbs too much reduces the calorie intake which usually results in me losing weight. Trying really hard to maintain my weight right now.Also, because I have issues with constipation frequently, reducing the carbs seems to make that worse.

    It also mentions something about balance of hormones. I’m wondering if I have an issue with this as well, because I have been without my lady cycle for 4 months. I stopped taking my birth control 4 months ago (around the same time I started the diet) when I read that being on birth control might have increased my chances of getting/having candida. I have been on birth control for as long as I can remember. Probably something like 10 years. I am hoping that my body is trying to adjust to the change and everything will go back to normal over time. I have taken a pregnancy test once a month since then, so that is not the issue.

    This site has a lot of information, but like many other sites, has it’s opinions. I wonder if it offers a faster cure/heal than what we are currently doing?

    Currious what others think.



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    Hi, Jackie & Kirsty.

    All I’ll ask you to do is to listen to the video again. Biamonte isn’t really telling you anything you didn’t already know, is he? He talks about certain vitamins and minerals interfering with prescription antifungals, and I’m sure that’s true. Are you taking a prescription antifungal?

    He also talks about certain vitamins such as vitamin D being capable of ‘spreading’ the Candida; I’ve read of a few other ‘doctors’ making this claim, and I can’t say they’re completely wrong just because I’ve never been able to find the research proving this one way or another, but I’d love to see the research he’s supposedly referring to.

    I think we all know that the infestation cure depends on the immune system for its success; and according to research, “Vitamin D is the immune system regulator. The active form of vitamin D, which is vitamin D3 [1,25(OH)2D3], was shown to inhibit the development of autoimmune diseases.” This study and quote was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

    He also states that certain vitamins with antioxidant properties protect the Candida from the antifungals so we shouldn’t take them; so I guess this includes the healthy foods that are on the diet since the vegetables especially contain an abundance of strong antioxidants. Maybe we should all just stop eating as well.

    But the second point here is that the antifungals aren’t used to cure the infestation; they only reduce the population and cause the infestation to become weaker as he himself stated during the video.

    Biamonte’s protocol is very similar to ours here on the forum, only the steps are located in different positions. For example; the first two steps are in reversed positions to ours. Out of the four steps required, he has the detox in the number two position whereas we have the detox coming in the beginning at number one and at number two we have eliminating the Candida which is done with the diet and antifungals.

    He has ‘supporting and rebuilding the immune system’ coming in last, but some of us believe that this should be a part of the protocol from the beginning of the diet since the body can’t even begin a cure without the immune system functioning properly.

    He has ‘correcting the hormone and nutrient deficiencies’ at number three, whereas we believe this should also be a part of the entire protocol starting at the beginning shortly after beginning the diet.

    Biamonte says that the supplements you’ll be taking are natural and herbal substances which have the ability to kill or eliminate most of the infection. He’s talking about natural antifungals which our protocol and dozens of others contain as well.

    His website states that there are pH tests, DNA tests, food tests, and “other lab test options” – no doubt many of which he will suggest along the way and charge a gold mine for.

    Biamonte’s diet is similar to ours with a few exceptions. He says you should not eat grains- including bread, pasta, noodles. You shouldn’t eat beans- including string beans, kidney beans, lentils, snow-peas, and peas — or potatoes, dairy products, and sugar. Sound familiar?

    He says you CAN eat meat, chicken, fish, eggs, fruits, vegetables, nuts such as walnuts, Brazil nuts, macadamia, and almonds, but he doesn’t want you eating peanuts or cashews.

    He also wants you to increase your intake of organ meats, specifically liver and kidneys.

    He says that his diet is meant to “starve Candida in order to kill it.” After reading his website, I can’t see what his protocol does that a hundred others can’t as well.

    Of course there’s a load of supplements he wants you to take after purchasing them from his website. One of his biggest go-to products is Biocidin which is a simple herbal immune system booster containing bilberry extract, Noni, Milk Thistle, Echinacea, Goldenseal, Shiitake, White Willow, Garlic, Grapeseed extract, Black Walnut, Raspberry, Fumitory, Gentian, Tea Tree oil, Galbanum oil, Lavender oil, Oregano oil, vegetable Glycerin, and 5% potato and cane alcohol. I don’t know what Biamonte charges for this herbal mix, but Amazon charges $52.73 for the liquid and $46.95 for the capsules.

    His other big product is Bio-Radiance which is another concoction of ground flowers and herbs such as bloodroot, plus Chlorophyllin and allicin (yes, allicin is why you eat garlic). The cost of Bio-Radiance was $139 according to their website – and the reason I typed “was” is because according to the Bio-Radiance website the product has been “Discontinued by BI2″(?), but he’s still advertising it, so maybe he has some stock on hand he wants to get rid of.
    I don’t know how many supplements he wants to sell you as part of the protocol, but one section of his site states, “All the tablets and pills or capsules on this program are taken with meals, and all the liquids are taken on an empty stomach except Biocidin and Bioradiance.”

    He wants to give his ‘patients’ a BioCybernetics test, which is rather steep in price, so that he can tell you exactly which vitamins you need to purchase from him.

    I’m sure you realize that the video is a commercial, right? And that the biggest difference in Dr. Biamonte’s protocol and others including the one we advocate is the cost. Biamonte wants $140 to consult with your doctor, so that means his patients are going to be paying two different doctors for his service.
    So, other than the cost of his service, do you really see that much difference between his protocol and ours?

    He says that acidophilus has no place in the fight against Candida, and he’s right to a point since acidophilus alone cannot cure the infestation, it takes many other strains to accomplish this, which I think we all know by now. Nothing new there that anyone who has studied Candida albicans even a little wouldn’t know.



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    Thanks for all of your insight as usual. I just found it interesting to hear a real docotors perspecitve. As of now, I can’t find a Doctor to even talk to me about my problem…it does not exist or it is a cult.

    I was just wondering what you folks with all the knowledge think. I know most of the sights just want money, want me to buy their products etc. I am always reading and trying to figure this ugly monster out. I do so appreciate you advice. As far as I’m concerned I feel the best I have felt in years so following your advice has brought me to this place and I continue to follow it.


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    Yes Able, thanks. I remember coming accross this website when I first started looking into Candida. Like many others I found, I was frustrated with how much they were charging for their help and advice. Being a graduate student and working, I have neither the time or money for their help.

    Their are many similarities…but I must say I appreciate the foods allowed on the diet with this forum compared to his and others. Don’t know where I would be without coconut bread! 🙂

    Can’t believe how much better I feel in 4 months (with the exceptions of a few set backs). I have learned so much about myself and my health. I doubt anything this guy could provide would do the same. I imagine his patients often blindly follow his advice without a good understanding of why they are doing what they are doing. With what we have all learned here, we can make life-long changes.



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    That’s a really good point Kirsty… I think what this protocol & forum encourage you to do is educate yourself while questioning anything you’re sceptical or unsure about. Far healthier than blindly following some expensive “guru”… (not saying you’re not our guru, Able… and I’m not saying you’re cheap either! OK, I’ll stop there before I dig myself a bigger hole haha!)


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    Reminds me of Dr. Mcoomb’s able except this dude seems greedier.


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    I didn’t put a lot of thought into his web site. Just watched the video and started wondering if the vitamins I was taking was wrong…I wouldn’t change what I’m doing now because it is working. 🙂

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