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    Hello everyone,

    I’ve been on candida diet for almost two months. At first I took some natural antifungals and after some positive lab tests (Complete stool analysis and Candida IgG) a doctor prescribed me Nystatin a couple of weeks ago. A few days later I saw a respected doctor specialising in infections (I’d booked the time already months earlier) and he prescribed me Doxycycline and Diflucan for two months. The idea would be to kill possible bacteria and viruses behind inflammations and keep candida from getting worse with the use of Diflucan.

    I started the combo ten days ago and almost immediately felt this may have been a mistake, since it does have a chance to make my candida worse. Then I googled “Doxycycline Diflucan Candida” and found e.g. this link:

    Here’s the summary:

    I don’t understand it fully, but doesn’t it mean that at least in theory Doxy could actually help Diflucan against candida? How come isn’t there more info about this? I also couldn’t tell how much of those medicines should be taken.

    I wanted to bring this up for two reasons. If this is true it could be very useful info for many candida sufferers, especially ones that really need to take antibiotics for some reason. I’ve also almost made up my mind about stopping the antibiotic, which I should take for two months. However, some CFS protocols advise to have a course of Doxy for at least 5-6 weeks so if Doxy and Diflucan were a good pair against candida I’d rather have the treatment now and then concentrate on my candida afterwards. Any ideas would be very welcome indeed! Thank you!


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    Every time I have completed mouth and stool samples they have come back positive for staph and never candida. My wholistic GP wants to put me on antibiotics and fluconazole to treat the underlying staph infection and candida. I was wondering if you had any luck with doxy and fluconazole?


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    Hey there, I’d be interested to know op’s experience as well. Finding a GP willing to do combination therapy is proving pretty hard for me, although people are definitely getting good results for stubborn cases (see
    If anyone would be so kind as to message me the name of your GP, I’d really appreciate it. It’d be awesome to find someone with that kind of experience.


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    Remember,the combo of both will also damage your gut flora, HEAVILY

    I took doxycyline for a Chlymidia infection and it destroyed my gut biome

    The research shows how the combo kills candida better than just Fluconazole by itself, right ? BUT it doesnt tell you what effects the Doxy had on the gut biome, (there was no before and after stool test) and thus, I see the 2 together, even though they may kill candida better than just the Fluc, to be overall more harmful, because, any good gut bacteria you still have, will ultimately be wiped out by the Doxy.

    And the idea is to #1 kill candida #2 stay on diet #3 replenish good bacteria FULLY before moving on to phase 2/3 of the diet. You need your bacteria back in your gut after the candida is killed, so that the candida you retain is kept at bay and in check by the bacteria, thus I would surmise that the DOxy being added to the Fluc would be an overall detriment to your overall health. Even though it kills more candida and faster.

    Consider hitting phase 1 hard
    And also adding Gynema supplement before the fluc to really beat the hyphae back. Then fluc. and diet. then possibly a fecal transplant (FMT) CHeckout the mayo clinic video on it
    Then slowly moving to phase 2/3

    (No rebuild of good bacteria = candida comes right back)

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