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    I have decided to post this in order to help at least one person during their battle against parasitic/fungal infection. My story is a long one that I will shorten for everyone’s benefit. After having my son, I was diagnosed with mastitis three times, one time resulting in a six centimeter abscess in my breast. Medical doctors, not knowing what to do with me, prescribed me six months of strong antibiotics. From that point on I was never the same person. Brain fog, exhaustion, irritability bordering on depression, stomach pain, bloating, insomnia, constipation, etc.

    After trying everything else, I thought that candida was the culprit of all that ailed me. That was my mistake. Candida was part of it but definitely not all. I began the candida diet and just about killed myself doing it. What is not commonly stated regarding the candida diet is that when you cut your carbs, you absolutely must increase your healthy fats by quite a lot. The human body only uses either carbohydrates (sugar), or fat for energy. That’s it. I cut both carbs and sugar and didn’t increase my fats and came very close to giving myself an autoimmune disorder.

    Although following the candida diet, I felt a little better but not much. That is when I finally hit rock bottom and went to a Functional and Holistic doctor as well as a Naturopath. This has changed my life. The changes I have implemented have finally gotten me on the path to health from the inside out.

    One of the main misconceptions that this site unfortunately does not address is that candida is an opportunistic organism that most times goes hand in hand with other health problems that must be addressed. One of these is heavy metals, such as lead, aluminum, mercury, etc. These metals are found in vaccines and in our food. Candida feeds off of heavy metals, and therefore you can live on the candida diet for years and that alone will not eradicate the problem. Heavy metals must be flushed from the body in order to help eliminate candida. Another major health issue that most people suffer from is parasites, and most times when one has parasites they will also have candida or some other type of fungal infection.

    If you are suffering from candida, or any symptoms that you may believe are related to candida, please find a naturopath and begin the process of healing. Look into Bioenergetic Testing, this has been a life changer for my family. This test allows you to see exactly what you are dealing with internally. Treating yourself for this condition is frustrating, exhausting, and if you are not doing it right, very dangerous.

    Good luck to everyone out there, and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

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