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    I found this brief article about yeast free alcohol and would appreciate feedback/ thoughts/ opinions.


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    If you choose to drink, I would stick with gin and vodka. I personally didn’t drink for over a year on the diet and you have to think more than just candida. For instance, are you concerned about your liver health? If your liver gets damaged, this can give you a ton of symptoms:



    Topics: 13
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    I guess this was just more out of curiosity. I’m still learning the do’s and don’ts of surviving candida.

    Thanks for the link, that is really scary and definitely explains even further my symptoms of many years. I really appreciate you sharing this link!


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    I don’t drink often, but when I do, beer and wine give me terrible gas and bloating along with sinus congestion and fatigue, but if I drink a vodka and seltzer, I’m fine.


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    It sure doesn’t hurt to ask. We have to give up so much and I just found out recently that my problems MAY be candida. The jury is still out,
    and I plan to post something myself because I haven’t seen anything listed on HOW YOU KNOW FOR SURE it is candida.

    I have given up EVERYTHING – and while on the parasite detox for 20 days in November I ate 5 things Turkey, chicken, eggs, butter and Granny smith apples.

    I have had NO sugar since last saturday morning AT ALL, but I found I have eaten some foods that I should not have until a later date.
    Like red meat and a small piece. red peppers, and I ate some sunflower seeds but Don’t think I was suppose to.

    Darn, now I have to give up wine, sugar, coffee, red meat, pickles, mayo, ketchup and mustard???
    I am doing ok..
    and I am feeling some of the die off symptoms from the list on this forum.

    A good stiff drink would make me very happy right now – just to face what I’m about to face…
    Good luck to you

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