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    I am getting a lot of reports of people who are wanting to get over this as quickly as possible. Here is the reality; its going to take a long time to get better, and I tell most forum members to plan on 6-18 months to get better or longer.

    Another thing worth noting is that if you decide to go the “treat myself on my own” route, you are making a potentially risky and/or expensive decision. The best way to reduce stress, time to get better, hassle, etc. is to consult a good(naturopathic) doctor who treats people with yeast conditions…they are the experts, not raster. A good one is someone who has treated people with candida hundreds of times and has 20-30 years of experience. Also worth noting, not all of your symptoms could be related to candida by itself, so you may have to have a specialized treatment if you look to resolve all of your health problems all at once.

    When you start out you don’t want to overdo consumption of probiotics or antifungals. Guess what happens if you do consume in high doses? You feel like crap! Additionally, this is very hard on your liver and kidneys which can be damaged by the die-off toxins that candida produces.

    If this treatment attitude persists for a period of time, you could have significant liver damage (from my experience) that will have to be healed seperately later in time. This is why its essential that you do everything possible to detox the toxins. If you don’t detox the toxins and have a detox plan, they will remain in the body, and you will continue to feel like crap.

    You can detox via 2 basic processes; via the bowels and digestion, and via the skin, the bodies largest organ. You can detox via the bowels by supporting your liver and kidneys. We have mentioned products that can do this on the forum. If you sweat out the toxins by doing a steam room, sauna, hot tub, jacuzzi, or even hot bath…this can completely reduce die-off symptoms. This is the best method to get them out of the body during your treatment and is recommended in the mcoomb’s plan which is the most popular candida plan on the internet (he promotes fruit which we don’t recommend). (He also developed a 2 year long plan to get better, and you have to take his products only. His plan isn’t a one plan that fits all thing, so its best to create a plan that is tailor made to your symptoms.)

    So don’t go from taking 1/3 teaspoon of coconut oil to 6 teaspoons all at once. Don’t go from taking low doses of probiotics to high doses of probiotics all at once. Don’t make major changes all at once; for instance don’t start a new probiotic, new antifungal, and new diet all at the same time. Every change you make needs to be carefully thought out and calculated so that it can be easily undone and/or altered. Look at this process as more of an incremental process; you build upon what you already have been doing that has been effective.

    The protocol we developed has specific timelines to introduce things:

    Worth noting: This isn’t the only way to get better, but one way to get better. You may have to develop your own version of this or borrow elements of our plan. This is fine because we are all different.



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    nicely put but in regards to natural paths many people cant afford to go ,i know i cant ,and also i hear its hard finding one who knows how to cure candida ,for instance ,my acupuncturist is also a natural path and she was telling me to eat potatoes .


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    I think this post deserves a sticky in the “Useful Links section.” Thanks Raster.


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    I agree with approx me…. I wish I had of read this in the beginning.


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    This is actually unfortunate this has to be said. Thanks for reminding us. Candida is a MEDICAL CONDITION. And there are medical doctors who treat this (along with naturopath’s).

    In addition to what Raster said I think finding someone who has experience treating others with candida it also helps to find someone who has experience treating themselves with candida (I’ve known 2 doc’s and one naturopath).


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    Thank you, Raster.

    One thing which might be worthy of discussion is the high rate of CRC with Lymes patients due to the heavy antibiotics and duration to treat Lymes. However, most are left with CRC. It’s well known within the Lymes community more so than others from my understanding.

    This is the sucky part: after going through specialist to specialist and spending almost all of my life’s savings, had to give up my Corporation which I worked 16 years, active skydiver, musician, social life, dating (was time to get serious about getting married at 38 when a convergence of negativity/stress entered my life and put me in the hospital for days without them really knowing what was going on: even though all their cat scans showed my ileum inflamed to the point of shutting off my intestinal track – had I avoided going to the ER, I might not even be here today.

    Please accept my deepest sincere appreciation for all that you help facilitate within the forum and the discussions: and people like Able and DvJorge as well as many others. We ALL don’t have the precise exact “illness” so, everyone is kind of left to figure out what works for them, within the guidlines of the protocol. Man, you are right. After learning from trial and error, mainly putting myself through incredible strain/pain/stress/etc.

    In many ways, I’ve only just begun my healing journey.

    May God bless all of us with healing graces. He knows all our names, infirmities and healing remedies. One thing I don’t hear much about is how Meditation and Prayer can help at the worst of times. I know I’d appreciate any and all prayers from any kindred kind soul willing to pray for me but, this has been the toughest time of my life and I’ve had some incredibly tough experiences in my life, no matter how blessed I have been. It’s led to this LONG struggle — wish me luck.

    Personally, I’m learning more than my DOC and getting the blood test done…….I have a MASSIVE infection, mucosal – if a normal health GI flora has a range of 0 to <9, two came back <10 so on the high side of the scale. However, the third came back at 33........oh, boy what fun: NOT. But, at least I have the ANSWER which eluded all these high priced specialists while I still had insurance and money - all wasted on DOC's who made my condition worse with HEAVY even tricked me into taking an antidepressant, which I don't need.

    Also, be careful – many natural antifungals with the exception of Coconut Oil also contain Antibiotic properties. While you are talking about protecting the liver, many times the antibiotic properties are “eugenol” which can be very toxic to the liver as well.

    I don’t have the answers, NOR AM I AN EXPERT……I’m just grateful for this forum, all who are involved and share. I don’t know where I would be without you. Though, I’ve had to step away as it got too intense to be online, let alone researching everything I could from this site: it’s time to get back on a regular basis. I still need the support and help, besides maybe something I post could help another – if only for them to know they aren’t alone.

    God bless this forum and everyone who has combed through here seeking a cure to some “mysterious” malady.

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