does what im experiencing sound like candida?? BRAIN FOG help

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    Thanks..Actually, I hope and pray they are non-sense. What’s odd is if not in my blood test (I’ll know tomorrow) and not in my stool GI test, and not in a throat culture test, and I don’t have female yeast infections, how would the doc be able to diagnose me? I have a yeast rash on my arm and have had ear infections / sinus, etc. Not sure but I’m hoping for some relief soon.

    How can they test to be sure?

    Someone told me about a rife machine but there is so much controversy online about them. Do you have any knowledge on them?

    Thank you


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    I cannot answer on subjects I have too little knowledge about. I can only guess.

    Have you considered the possibility that if all yeast tests are negative, you don’t have a yeast problem? That would mean that the rash on your arm is a symptom of something different. Same for your ear infections and sinus. But I can only suggest and ask, I cannot answer unfortunately.

    I didn’t know rife machines, but from what a quick search turns up, they sound like the typical scam aimed at unsuspecting but desperate persons. A British organisation for cancer research is quite clear in their conclusions. Same for the Wikipedia page. Both say it’s a non-functional device that doesn’t have even the slightest effect on anything, on both conclude that it’s a downright fraud.

    So unless you’re happy believing in conspiracy theories, I suggest you’d better forget about rife machines.

    Sorry if what I’m going to say sounds offending, please be assured that my intentions are not offending at all, instead I’d like to help – and being clear is, I think, more helpful than being evading. What I’d like to say is that I feel you are desperate because you have continuing health problems and you feel unable to solve them. That makes you desperate, and that in turn makes you an ideal victim (or “target”) for health fraudsters.

    Again, this may be confronting (which isn’t bad, I guess). Anyway, it’s not intended to be offending. I hope you don’t mind me writing in this way.

    Good luck, and I hope you will find the true cause and the corresponding solution to your health complaints.



Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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