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    hi,i am a 22 year old male. i was diagnosed with h pylori a couple of weeks ago,and i had to take 2 weeks of antibiotics. since i have been off the antibiotics my tongue is white,i am having diarrhea,and stomach pain. my diarrhea is always yellow. would my yellow diarrhea be caused by having candida? and if i do have candida do you think this is a good product to kill it


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    Sounds like Candida albicans, and probably is considering the long duration of the antibiotic.

    Even though the herb mixture contains some psyllium powder, the amount would have to be very low simply because it contains so many other herbs in the mixture as well. I suppose trying this wouldn’t hurt, all it’s going to do is act as a cleanse. But don’t even waste your money unless you are willing to go on a strict Candida diet at the same time. Otherwise, if you continue eating a normal American diet, you’ll be putting junk back into your system faster than the cleanse can remove it.

    What you need to eat and not eat during your cleanse is listed below.

    Eat fresh or frozen green vegetables only or fresh, homemade green vegetable juice.

    If you have to have protein during the cleanse, you can eat organic eggs.

    Stop eating all potatoes, rice, grains/bread, pasta, in other words, cut out carbohydrates, and especially stop eating sugar in any form. This means no soft drinks, candy, gum, cookies, cakes and pies, or other sugar products. No tea or coffee during the cleanse, drink only water and fresh lemon water (no sugar).

    Exchange your toothpaste for baking soda water-dampened on your brush, and exchange your table salt for pure sea salt with no additives such as Dextrose. Himalayan sea salt would be the best choice if you can find it. If you’re in a city with chorine in your water, you’d be better off for a while drinking bottled water. Contact us again before you finish the cleanse, that is, if you decide to do it.

    Ask questions and read the following posts:

    The Site’s Suggestions:


    Conflicting Information:–so-much-conflicting-information.aspx

    General Information:

    Die-Off Dangers:

    Constipation Remedies



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    It sounds like candida. Do the non-scientific/non-accurate “spit test” to see whether you have the jellyfish tentacles. In general, anyone who has done antibiotics has some kind of candida problem or flora problem, so I’d say its a safe bet that you have it.

    One question I have: Did you do the “triple therapy” to try to cure your Helicobacter pylori? Did this work? It sounds like it didn’t.

    Probiotics are the top thing you will need if you’ve done antibiotics, followed by plenty of rest and water. Supplements and a good plan are important as well. Antibiotics remove all flora from your gut, the good and the bad. Probiotics only add the good flora back into your gut which is what you need for sure.

    The diarrhea color also indicates a deficiency/problem (not sure which one), because it should be a brown/green color when healthy.

    The anti-candida diet has proven to cure more than just candida for folks; it can cure allergies, cancer, migraines, IBS, depression and all sorts of other chronic ailments and problems. I highly encourage you to start the diet.

    On a side note: don’t do the clay and psyllium husk treatment because it is not recommended.

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